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MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, August 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PETV & PETVW) (the “Company”) an emerging biomedical device company focused on the commercialization of innovative medical therapies for companion animals and animal athletes is pleased to announce that Rob Costantino and Leslie Coolidge have joined the board of management of the company.

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“We are pleased to welcome Rob and Leslie to the PetVivo Board of Directors,” said John Lai, Chief Executive Officer of PetVivo Holdings, Inc. “Rob and Leslie bring a wealth of business and board experience to our company. We expect their addition to the board of directors will provide us with the knowledge and expertise that will guide our company to acquire the resources and industry relationships necessary for success.”

Mr. Costantino is a retired CPA and former senior executive who has served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of large corporations. He is currently a part-time financial advisor, investor and current board member of 4 Yamaha Motor Finance subsidiaries. His most recent leadership role has been a dual role of Senior Executive Vice President – ​​Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of NASDAQ-listed WFS Financial, Inc., an automotive and commercial finance company, while also serving as Executive Vice President – ​​Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Officer of NYSE-listed Westcorp, Inc, an OTS-regulated bank. He was responsible for operations and all areas of finance, including SEC filings, analyst interaction, earnings calls and treasuries for both companies. Mr. Costantino played a key role in the negotiation and eventual sale of both companies to Wachovia (Wells Fargo) for $3.9 billion. Prior to that, he was President & CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America, Inc – an auto finance company with over $10 billion in assets, where he is credited with one of the biggest turning points in captive finance industry history. who took the company from extreme financial losses to profitability and eventually negotiated the sale of the company’s assets to Merrill Lynch. Prior to that, he spent 17 years in various escalating management roles at Volvo Cars of North America, including the unique experience as SVP & CFO of both the car parent company and the captive finance company. He was integral to the company’s successful move from the East Coast to CA, as part of the founding of the Premier Auto Group after Ford Motor Company acquired Volvo. Mr. Costantino’s long successful experiences in many senior executive positions, CPA, experience with publicly traded companies, and financial background including executing billions of dollars in asset backed security transactions, as well as multi-billion dollar assets and the sale of entire companies are material factors related to his qualifications to serve on our Board of Directors.

“I am extremely excited to join such an innovative company with disruptive technology in the animal health market and beyond at this pivotal moment in its history.” said Rob Costantino. “With each of my meetings with management and the members of the Board of Directors, I became more convinced that PetVivo is ready to launch new heights and believe I can make valuable contributions to their Board. I am absolutely delighted to be appointed to the PetVivo Board of Directors and can’t wait to work with these visionary business leaders.”

Ms. Coolidge was a director of Power Solutions International, Inc. where she chaired that company’s audit committee. She retired as an Audit and SEC Reviewing Partner of KPMG LLP. At KPMG, Mrs. Coolidge major global audit engagements, serving large corporations with their complex accounting, financial and strategic needs. During her 28 years at KPMG, Ms. Coolidge led customer engagement teams reviewing SEC registrants while also serving as a concurring reviewing partner. In addition to her client assignments, she was a partner in KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice and office representative on the American Institute of CPAs’ (“AICPA”) Accounting Standards Executive Committee. Ms. Coolidge serves on the board of the Chicago Academy of Sciences and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Ms. Coolidge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard University and a Master of Science in Accounting from New York University. Ms. Coolidge qualifies as a “Financial Expert Audit Committee” under applicable SEC regulations and has significant experience auditing publicly traded companies gained during her tenure as a partner at KPMG. Ms. Coolidge brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial reporting and accounting of public companies to the Board of Directors and her senior level experience of a Big Four accounting firm is an invaluable resource to the Board of Directors in overseeing the financial statements of the Company and SEC filings.

“I have always believed that technology has the potential to create a better quality of life for humans and animals,” says Leslie Coolidge. “It is an honor to be part of a technology company introducing an innovative medical device that addresses the root cause of a condition, rather than just treating the symptoms.”

About PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

PetVivo Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PETV) is an emerging biomedical device company currently focused on the manufacturing, commercialization and licensing of innovative medical devices and therapies for companion animals. The company’s strategy is to leverage human therapies to treat companion animals in a capital and time-saving manner. An important part of this strategy is the accelerated timeline to revenue for veterinary devices, which are coming to market much earlier than more highly regulated pharmaceutical and biologics.

PetVivo has a pipeline of seventeen products for the treatment of animals and humans. A portfolio of nineteen patents protects the company’s biomaterials, products, manufacturing processes and uses. The main product of the company SPRYNG with OsteoCushion technology, a vet-administered intra-articular injection for the treatment of lameness and other joint-related conditions, including osteoarthritis, in dogs and horses, is currently available for commercial sale.

For more information about PetVivo Holdings, Inc. and our revolutionary product, Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology, contact [email protected] or visit https://petvivo.com/


John Lai, CEO

PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

E-mail: [email protected]

(952) 405-6216

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