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It seems like though Grand Theft Auto 6 and its developer Rockstar Games are headed in new directions. A ton of information was recently published detailing what the developer has been working on, and with the studio reportedly looking to push the envelope on game design yet again with GTA 6. Aside from the game itself, however, Rockstar has reportedly been hard at work improving its workplace culture. The company’s reputation has taken serious damage over the last few years, but it seems as though positive changes have been made during the development of its next project.

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Chatter for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series began shortly after the release of GTA 5 in 2013. GTA 6 will reportedly feature two protagonists – including a female lead – that will have a dynamic similar to the infamous criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, who embarked on a notorious crime spree during the Great Depression. It is said to take place in a fictionalized Miami and its surrounding areas, and the developer will apparently add more cities and missions to the game world after its release. Analysts predict the game will release sometime between April 2023 and March 2024, or publisher Take-Two Interactive’s 2024 fiscal year.

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All of this information was first reported by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. In the report, Schreier also mentioned that Rockstar has reworked itself internally. Employees previously characterized Rockstar’s workplace as having a “frat boy culture,” but efforts have apparently been made to establish a more inclusive environment. That new approach has also made its way into the next installment of the flagship game franchise, with GTA 6‘s story ostensibly adopting a more considered and respectful tone than its predecessors, which had previously featured offensive depictions of LGBT people and sex workers.

How Rockstar Games Has Changed During GTA 6’s Development


Crunch in the workplace has been a topic of great debate within the gaming industry. Criticism for the practice reached a boiling point when Rockstar founder Dan Houser claimed his team worked 100-hour weeks ahead of the release of 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Other staffers described the crunch on predecessor Red Dead Redemption if “endless“. Employees called Rockstar a “boys club” that was a breeding ground for harassment, and they were regularly subject to what they called “death marches,” which were months-long periods of mandatory 14-hour workdays. Although employees were severely overworked, the end result was always another critically-acclaimed bestseller. Because it worked, the practice reportedly persisted even while morale was low.

Since then, Rockstar is reported to have made a number of internal changes. Some contracted positions, for example, have been converted to full-time employees. Workers were given new paid leave and mental health benefits. The company also introduced a newflextime” system, allowing employees to take time off whenever they work an extra hour. One of the more significant changes allegedly came when Rockstar let go of several managers that employees claimed were abusive or difficult to work with. The company also hired producers to keep track of everyone’s schedules and avoid overtime. According to Schreier’s report, employees have welcomed the changes, but they haven’t come without their own growing pains.

Changes to the workplace culture have also affected the design and writing of the game, ensuring GTA 6 will be different. It’s likely still at least two years away, so the public won’t see the result of this new era of Rockstar Games for a while. At the very least, the developer seems to be off to a good start in cultivating a healthy workplace.

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