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Since many have seen him as a villain in the series for years, Tony Dalton writes his You better call Saul history as Lalo helping his hawk eye character turn. Introduced in season 4 of the Breaking Bad prequel series, Dalton played Lalo Salamanca, the nephew of drug lord Hector and prominent member of Don Eladio’s cartel who comes to Albuquerque to oversee his family’s surgery after his uncle’s stroke. Dalton has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences for his performance as Lalo and is regarded by many as one of the best villains on TV and in the world. Breaking Bad universe.

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Dalton made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in hawk eye as Jack Duquesne, betrothed to Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop, much to the chagrin of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate. With his wealthy uncle murdered in the Disney+ series pilot, all signs point to Jack as the killer, leading Kate on the path to prove his guilt, only to be found innocent when Eleanor was revealed to be the actual killer. and working with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. While many expected Jack to be a villain in hawk eyethe star believes there is an important reason why this twist worked.

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In a recent interview with DiscussMovieTony Dalton looked back on his time in both You better call Saul and hawk eye. While watching the latest show, in which he was revealed as no antagonist, Dalton wrote about his past as Lalo on the Breaking Bad prequel as helping sell his MCU character’s twist and comparing it to Harrison Ford’s character reveal in What’s underneath?. See what Dalton said below:

“I would think about my history with Lalo and with a whole bunch of other characters, I’ve been doing this for a while… playing a hitman for four years, so it doesn’t help to have a good idea of ​​your characters. Harrison Ford is always the right man. But in that one he’s the bad guy and you just don’t see that coming… I think they did the same thing in reverse [with Jack Duquesne].”

Hawkeye Jack Duquesne Tony Dalton

Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Jack Duquesne was introduced in the comics as Jacques Duquesne, an enemy of Hawkeye and The Avengers. archery. Since Duquesne would become the supervillain known as Swordsman in the comics, and the writers deliberately pointed to Jack as the man behind Armand’s murder, it’s understandable that the public would believe that Jack is a villain in hawk eye. In addition, as Dalton points out above, the public’s familiarity with the actor as You better call Saul antagonist Lalo seemingly pointed out that he was an enemy to Jeremy Renner’s Clint and Kate, even if changes were made from his comic book counterpart.

Though Jack was ultimately found innocent, hints were given to the public about Dalton’s potential future as the Swordsman in hawk eye while fencing with Kate mid-show and battling members of the Tracksuit Mafia in the show’s finale. Given that Duquesne would explore the heroic side in the comics, especially helping The Avengers in their battle against Kang the Conqueror, now a major MCU player with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘s Jonathan Majors, the show’s turn to establish him as a positive character could probably lead him down this path. In the meantime, the public can re-watch Dalton’s MCU debut with the full hawk eye streaming on Disney+.

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