Failed to make Bung Tomo’s Gelora a killing field, Bajol Ijo still wins over 10 Cisadane Warriors – NBCNEWS

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crazy ball – The results of Persebaya Surabaya vs. Persita Tangerang in the Indonesian League 1 continuing party held at the Bung Tomo Stadium on Monday (1/8) ended 2-0.

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The Bajol Ijo team made a comeback in this match and won 2-0 over their guest, Persita. Aji Santoso’s team has been pressing since the start of the game. They tried hard to secure perfect points in front of their own fans, after losing 0-1 against Persikabo in the first game.

The brilliant save made by Dhika Bayangkara repeatedly made the goal of the Cisadane Warriors team safe from Persebaya’s repeated attacks. Unfortunately, the 31-year-old goalkeeper finally conceded another goal in the 56th minute, when Persebaya captain Rizky Ridho successfully capitalized on a corner kick with a header to make it 2-0 for the hosts.

This match was also marked by a red card awarded by the referee to Persita defender Agustin Cattaneo in the 33rd minute after he committed a hard foul on an opposing player in the penalty area. Their reduced strength made it difficult for Persita to break into the hosts’ goal, the Cisadane Warriors team also had to fight extra hard to withstand the onslaught of Persebaya.

The course of the match

The Persita group was under pressure since the kick-off when they played at the Bajol Ijo team headquarters.

As a result, Persebaya took the lead in the 22nd minute through Sho Yamamoto’s goal, who successfully utilized Silvio Rodrigues’ assist right in front of the opponent’s goal. GOAL! 1-0 to the host!

RED CARD! Persita had to play with 10 men in 33 minutes after Cattaneo committed a hard foul and immediately received a red card.

Persebaya also got a free kick opportunity from the side of the penalty area, while Persita lost one player.

But Persita managed to counter-attack a moment later. Swordsman Cisadane almost equalized in the 40th minute when Elisa Basna’s shot aimed at Persebaya’s goal still hit the goalpost of the Bajol Ijo team. FAIL!

At the start of the second half, Persebaya tried to take advantage of the number of players after Persita Cattaneo lost. They almost doubled the score through Supriyadi’s header, which was unfortunately blocked by Persita’s back line.

Dhika Bayangkara repeatedly made brilliant saves from attack after attack by the hosts.

GOAL! Persebaya managed to add to their tally in the 56th minute through Rizky Ridho’s header who successfully took a corner kick right in front of Dhika’s goal. 2-0 for Persebaya!

Two minutes later, Persita counter-attacked, and Fahreza almost reduced the deficit for the Cisadane Warriors in the 58th minute, but the ball was still wide!

Sho Yamamoto almost doubled his goal tally in the 60th minute, but the Japanese player’s powerful shot just hit the crossbar. FAIL!

Almost! Fergonzi had a golden opportunity one minute before the game twice 45 minutes right in the opponent’s penalty area. But the opportunity failed to bring Persita to reduce their deficit.

Stand in a line

Persebaya Surabaya: Satria Tama, Riswan Lauhim, Rizky Ridho (C), Arief Catur, Brylian Aldama, Higor Vidal, Koko Ari Araya, M Hidayat, Supriyadi, Sho Yamamoto, Juninho.

Tangerang: Dhika Bayangkara, Agustin Cattaneo, Arif Setiawan, Zahran Toha (C), Yohanis Kandaimu, Abu Rizal, Elisa Basna, Ezequiel Vidal, Bae Sin-yeong, Wildan Ramdhani, Ramiro Fergonzi. presents the latest information in a light language style that is easy to understand and the latest updates of European and international competitions. Also visit our official Youtube channel at @gilabolanews and @gilabolastory

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