Facts about three giant ‘whales’ in Thailand’s forests that are 75 million years old – NBCNEWS

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Three Whale Rock in Thailand

Jakarta, NBCNEWS

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The sighting of three giant whales in one of Thailand’s forests has recently become a public spotlight.

In fact, the phenomenon is an ancient rock that looks like a whale swimming in formation.

Because it looks like a whale, the rock is named Three Whale Rock or in the local language called Hin Sam Wan.

Referring page National Geographic, Hin Sam Wan is 75 million years old. This rock is located in the Bueng Kan region, northeast of Thailand. The location is in Thailand’s national reserves, namely the Kala Forest, Phu Sing Forest and Pink Dong Forest.

Three Whale Rock in Thailand/ Photo: (Tourism Authority of Thailand/7Greens)

The Tourism Authority of Thailand even made Three Whale Rock included in the list of places, including natural and cultural wonders protected by the Thai government or the so-called 7 Greens.

Despite being one of the sites protected by the government, but Three Whale Rock often used as a popular tourist spot in Thailand.

Three Whale Rock in Thailand/ Photo: (Tourism Authority of Thailand/7Greens)

Start detikTravelaccess to get there is not difficult, tourists can climb the rock through 9 different route options.

Tourists must first step on the path and climb to get to the top of the rock.

During the trip to Three Whale Rock, tourists will be spoiled for views in the forest, such as waterfalls, sunsets, and even visitors can see the Pakkading mountains in Laos and the Mekong beach.


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