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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for disconnected season 1.

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New romcom disconnected has been released on Netflix to a positive reception – and here’s everything we know about the prospects of a season 2. Starring How I met your mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris, the eight part series is the “perfect shapefrom escapist TV. Neil Patrick Harris’ on-screen charm and humor are enough to keep many viewers hooked during its runtime, and disconnected further heightens the star’s perfect comedic timing by weaving a heartwarming arc into his character’s overarching storyline.


disconnected follows Michael, whose 17-year-old partner, Colin (Tuc Watkins), unexpectedly breaks up with him. In his forties, Michael finds it hard to digest his sudden singleness and struggles to navigate the unfamiliar world of dating. Instead of finding absolute answers to his dating dilemmas, Michael only complicates his life with the series of romantic affairs and potential relationships that arise.

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disconnected The end of Season 1 makes things even worse for Neil Patrick Harris’ Michael when Colin shows up at his door and confesses he made a mistake. Now that Michael has gone through some sort of rite of passage during his dating activities, it is not yet known whether he will welcome Colin with open arms. With this nagging question in the closing moments, disconnected Season 1 makes it hard not to wonder what Season 2 has in store. Here’s everything we know about disconnected season 2, including its renewal status, returning cast, and possible release date.

Unlinked Season 2 Renewal

Neil Patrick Harris as Michael in Uncoupled

So far, Netflix has not made any official announcements about disconnected Season 2. However, given the positive reviews from both critics and viewers, the chance of renewal seems to be in its favor. Even disconnected Season 1’s open climax suggests there’s still some room for Michael’s dating adventures in New York.

How Uncoupled’s Ending Heralds Season 2

Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson in episode 103 of Uncoupled.

After being apart all season, Colin returns home to Neil Patrick Harris’ Michael after realizing his decision to leave him was wrong. Michael also undergoes a transformation and learns from his past mistakes as he wishes Colin’s happiness even after their tragic breakup. However, the ending also seems to indicate that their dynamics may never be the same again. Colin has changed his mind, but he can feel bound by Michael’s monotonous routines over time.

In this way, disconnected season 2 could explore how Michael’s newly discovered openness to change will improve — or complicate further — their relationship. In addition, Michael’s devotion to Colin never wanes throughout the season, but staying single was a cathartic experience for him and could make him question Colin’s loyalty. disconnected season 2 could use this as a guideline and portray how Michael will try to get things right the second time around, while hoping Colin will stay.

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Uncoupled Season 2 Cast: Who Can Return

Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson in episode 103 of Uncoupled.

disconnected Season 1’s cliffhanger almost guarantees the return of Neil Patrick Harris as Michael and Tuc Watkins as Colin in Season 2. In addition to the central couple, Emerson Brooks, Brooks Ashmanskas and Tisha Campbell are likely to reprise their roles as Michael’s best buddies, while Marcia Gay Harden will add another layer or two of drama to the show’s plot. Depending on disconnected With the developments of Season 2, new cast members may also be added to the mix.

Uncoupled Season 2 Predicted Release Date

Neil Patrick Harris in Uncoupled

disconnected Season 2 has not been officially green-lit by Netflix. However, since Netflix confirmed heart stopper‘s season 2 a month after its release, disconnectedNetflix’s fate should be announced by the end of September 2022. Considering Netflix’s release schedule with other similar romcom shows, disconnected Season 2 will likely be out sometime towards the end of 2023 if filming starts soon.

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