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For the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released, Todd Lowe shared with Us Weekly that he liked to play the part of Zack Van Gerbig. Lowe said: “I can play this character for the rest of my life. It’s not like I have to step into a second skin to play Zack. Zack was a bit of a rock snob, so I enjoyed that part of it.”

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While fans love Rory’s best friend Lane Kim, Lane and Zack’s marriage and family life isn’t the most popular storyline, as many viewers hoped Lane would leave Stars Hollow and become a famous musician. The general feeling about Zack is that he’s not the best love interest either. Redditors share their hot take on this Gilmore Girls character.


10 Zack is a likeable, funny character

zack is petty - gilmore girls

When it comes to sympathetic Gilmore Girls side characters, Zack is not often mentioned. Many fans don’t like to think about how Zack and Lane get married, have children and settle in Stars Hollow when they are so young and Lane always wanted something to happen to her music.

Redditor spectacularbird1 thinks Zach is a funny character who is absolutely lovable. The fan wrote: “I like Zach. I think he has a nice bow and I like the little surprises we get from him, like the bluegrass band and having strangely strong opinions about cleaning products.”

9 Zack is a better love interest than Dave

Dave Rygalski after reading the Bible all night in Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls fans debate Dave and Zack as love interests for Lane, many prefer Dave because he and Lane get along so well and they share their big dreams of becoming famous, successful musicians. They never get a real break up or the chance to say goodbye, which is a shame.

While viewers love to see Dave and Lane fall in love and wish they’d stayed together, Redditor today believes Zack is the winner here. The fan wrote: “I prefer Zack over Dave when it comes to Lane.”

8 Zack Balances Lane Out

gilmore girls lane kim zack van gerbig

Many fans believe that Zack is a bad choice for Lane as it is possible to say that apart from being in the same band, they have nothing else in common. They sometimes have trouble communicating and their relationship is not going smoothly.

Redditor weasley_is_our_king likes Zack’s personality and thinks he is a positive person in Lane’s life. The fan shared the unpopular opinion: “He is genuinely sweet and cares about Lane. He helps Lane relax.”

7 Zack and Lane’s wedding is a favorite episode

Lane and Zack on their wedding day in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls

Lane and Zack get married in the Season 6 episode “I Get A Sidekick Out Of You,” but it’s not often considered a fan favorite episode. Viewers would rather watch Lane chasing her music dreams or spending time with Rory.

Redditor Wrong-Concept loves this episode and shares the hot take, “one of my favorite episodes is definitely their wedding, and their proposal is so cute and zack shows up at the bar mitzvah.”

6 Zack changes for the better

lane and zack in the tire - gilmore girls

since many Gilmore Girls fans either hate Zack or feel like he has a more lackluster character than some other love interests, not everyone feels like he has a good character in which he actually changes and becomes a better person over time.

Redditor Wrong-Concept shared the hot opinion that watching Zack in later seasons made them realize that “he’s a lot better than previous seasons Zack.” The fan likes how Zack treats Lane with respect, love and compassion.

5 Zack is recognizable

Lane tries to get to Zack and Brian at their new home on Gilmore Girls

The biggest problem fans have with Zack is that he and Lane Hep Alien aren’t making the success they wanted. When fans catch up with them in the revival, they raise their kids in Stars Hollow, and while they seem content, it seems like they haven’t thought about their goals and dreams at all.

Redditor GirlisNo1 shared the warm opinion that Zack is recognizable, writing: “Zach is a flawed, but realistic character. I like him because in the end he will always be there for Lane and their children.”

4 Zack is an admirable character

Lane and Zack stare unhappily at Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

When Gilmore Girls fans argue about Lane and Zack, they agree that he and Lane both love music and it’s nice to be able to talk about this. Most viewers agree that Lane and Zack are giving up on their music dreams too soon and their storyline needs to move in a different direction.

Redditor asyouishbuttercup believes that Zack integrates into Lane’s life and that he should therefore be liked. The fan wrote: “Zach thought of himself as rock n roll, but he was willing to change his whole lifestyle for Lane, and let’s be honest, he won over Mrs. Kim.”

3 Zack is a good dad which is rare with Gilmore Girls

Compared to other father characters on the show, it seems like Zack is better than the rest. Christopher is rarely around and Richard loves Lorelai but doesn’t really try to understand her. One Redditor shared their thoughts: “I think Zack is a cute idiot… Not too many good/present/emotionally available dads on GG.”

Talking about Zack as a parent is a hot item because many are upset about how Zack and Lane’s story ends. But it is certainly true that he does his best to love his children and give them a good life.

2 It’s okay that Zack isn’t super smart

Hep Alien Performs at Lane and Zack's Wedding on Gilmore Girls

Out of love interests on Gilmore Girls“Zack is not a favorite for many, and some viewers don’t think he is very smart or wise. Compared to Jess Mariano or Logan Huntzberger, or the other two people Lane dates, Zack doesn’t seem as witty or ready for clever jokes.

Redditor whole sundae shared the hot opinion that it’s okay that Zack isn’t that smart, writing, “He doesn’t need intelligence to still qualify as a valuable character or life partner.”

1 Fans hate Zack too much

Redditor Oncer93 shared the unpopular opinion that too many fans hate Zack, writing: “Zack is far from my favorite character, but the guy is overheated. Nothing he did is that bad.” The fan added that he is “sincerely trying to make Lane happy”.

It’s possible that if Zack and Lane had never started dating, fans wouldn’t feel that way about Zack. But since Zack and Lane seem to have a boring storyline that doesn’t go in the direction viewers expected, it can be hard to see Zack in a positive light.

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