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There are few series that drive as much as House of the Dragonwho must not only overcome the lingering doubts left by the conclusion of Game of Thrones but must also show that it can be done on its own. Fans have therefore paid special attention to the recently released trailer, which reveals more details about what will happen in this series and what action viewers will see.

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So it’s worth checking out some clues about the upcoming fantasy drama that managed to tease the eagle eyes of Reddit users.


10 The trailer shows how narcissistic the Targaryens are

There are, of course, many notable members of House Targaryen, and they tend to be a family obsessed with their own power, glory, and position. This is something that this trailer brings out particularly powerfully, like shad0wqueenxx writes that it “just underscores if it wasn’t already clear how narcissistic and self-centered they are (although if a race of humans can claim and ride dragons, they must be at least a little evil**).”

Indeed, it appears that the series will bring out how self-destructive the dynasty was and how they were ultimately responsible for their own demise.

9 Potential religious conflict is brewing

House of the Dragon Paddy Considine King Viserys I Targaryen

Given the complexity and richness of Martin’s creation, it is not surprising that religion plays a prominent role in this fantasy world. It’s also one that, according to Reddit’s astute users, shows evidence of being present in the trailer.

This is what it’s about has this to say: “Is it just me or are they possibly setting up a Valyrian faith vs Faith of the Seven angle for the conflict? It seems that Rhaenyra and Alicent prayed to the Mother, but Viserys prayed to Balerion?’ If the show goes this way, it will make for a very rich and dramatic story.

8 One of the dragons is wearing a red Targaryen saddle

House of the Dragon Dragons Den Press Preview Comic-Con 2022

The dragons are, of course, one of the main creatures to appear in Game of Thrones. They’re also poised to play an even bigger role in House of the Dragonbecause they are still very much a part of the Targaryen dynasty and its dominance.

Exodus3252 was especially excited about what the dragons are wearing, writing, “Yeah, that red dragon towards the end is wearing a full set of Targ armor. My word.” While it’s unclear whether the dragon in question is wearing armor or just a saddle, it still shows that dragons are much more common and will be more capable than they were. Game of Thrones.

7 There seems to be a shot of Vhagar

Split image showing the poster for House of the Dragon and an image of the battle between Arrax and Vhagar

In Game of Thronesit can sometimes be hard to really tell the difference between the dragons – at least the ones that weren’t Drogon – but this doesn’t seem to be an issue in House of the Dragon.

Indeed, Pipe-international says: ‘I was half sure it was Vhagar on the beach, now I’m sure it is with that extra photo of who I assume is young Aemond. Hopefully she is really fricking.” This observation not only shows how important the dragons will be in this new series, but also shows how astute Redditors can be when it comes to visually analyzing a trailer.

6 The trailer features some footage of Aemond One-Eye

A Dragon Fight Illustrated in Fire & Blood

Just as there were many great characters in Game of Thronesit looks like the same will be true for House of the Dragon. One of the most important of these will certainly be Aemond One-Eye, and many Reddit users were very excited to see it appear.

DrinkJimLaheyFor example, states that there are “some great photos of Aemond One-Eye here.” Even so early on in the process, it’s clear that House of the Dragon will be a series with many characters, all of whom will compete for supremacy in Westeros.

5 There is a shot of Daemon with Caraxes

Rhaenyra and Daemon in House of the Dragon

Matt Smith has played many great roles and he is ready to play the character of Daemon in House of the Dragonone of the most important people in the Dance of the Dragons. Yarkcir is especially excited about “a full shot of Daemon with Caraxes. It all looks great.”

Those responsible for cutting the trailer clearly realized the importance of giving viewers just enough of a sense of the characters and their respective dragons, to draw them into the story and keep them glued to the television.

4 The world looks alive

Alicent and Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon

There is no doubt that this is something of a golden age of fantasy television, with many great series currently airing. However, many of these series look a little too polished, so that the world doesn’t quite look the way viewers are used to.

Korabas Unleashed puts it this way: “HBO knows how to do it. Their worlds feel lived in, while the others feel like a few sets and clothes fresh from the dry cleaners.” Considering the sheer amount of money already put into the series, it certainly looks set to become one of the best series on HBO Max.

3 Some have lost track of how many dragons they saw

During the time that House of the Dragon takes place, the title beings were an important part of life in Westeros. In fact, it was the very fact that so many dragons were available that the Seven Kingdoms were conquered by the Targaryens.

DrAcula1007 has this to say: “I’ve lost track of the amount of dragons I’ve seen and I think that’s fantastic.” While viewers might be a little confused about the simple number of flying beasts hovering in the sky over the Seven Kingdoms, this could also be one of the series’ main selling points.

2 There is still no sign of Aegon III

Aegon the Younger

Although Rhaenyra is one of the main characters in House of the Dragon, she is only half the equation. The other is her half-brother Aegon III, who is about to ascend the throne, as he is his father’s male heir.

DsHowe24 notes: “Haven’t we seen Aegon II yet? They really tease Rhaenyra vs Daemon.” While it’s unclear how much material will cover the first season of the series, at this point it appears that the main conflict will be between Rhaenyra and her uncle (although readers will realize she eventually married him).

1 The dragons look both real and individualized

Dragon in House of the Dragon Trailer

Since the dragons in this series don’t speak, it can be very easy for fans to lose track of which ones are whose. However, based on the trailer, it looks like they’ll be different enough from each other that it won’t be that hard to understand what’s going on.

And if Salty_Lego says, “I love how the dragons look different.” Obviously, this is an aspect of the series and production design that will appeal to new and returning viewers alike.

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