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Zombies 3 was released on Disney+ on July 15, and viewers are welcomed back to Seabrook by familiar faces and aliens who have just arrived. The quirky musical brings the same humor and heart as its predecessors.

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This new movie is considered to be the last installment in the zombies franchisee. This creates a sense of finality in the conflict, the songs and the dialogue. The dialogue, in particular, balances elements of humor and emotion well, making for a hilarious yet bittersweet story to end the trilogy.


10 “Thrilled! That’s an emotion. It feels so exciting!”

– A-Spen

A-Spen excitedly scans something with alien technology in Zombies 3

The aliens deactivate their emotion blockers and A-Spen expresses excitement about being excited. The alien characters have several quirks that are unusual for their new Earth friends, mainly because of the different types of experiences they’ve had.

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This quote may cringe in the wrong context, but this is the first time A-Spen has felt emotion. It takes time for children to learn how to express their emotions, so it makes sense that they struggle too. This line becomes understandable and can even make the viewers chuckle.

9 “So catty. Obviously not raised by wolves.”

– Wynter

Wynter teams up with Bucky and her pack to find out what one of the alien’s technological devices is doing. Bucky is self-centered and difficult as always.

Zombies 3 is filled with jokes and punny dialogue. Wynter’s sentence is just one example of this, and she speaks the truth. Bucky is one of the most consistent characters in this franchise with his massive ego and desire to be the center of attention. He has grown to be more accepting of others and their differences, but his arrogance remains intact.

8 “We don’t have tissues…but you can use my sleeve [to] scream.”

– A-Spen

Alien trio faces surprise if they are first

A-Spen has momentary feelings for Zed. They break off the relationship they didn’t even really have with Zed when they were on the alien spaceship.

A-Spen appears to be the leading alien and one of Disney’s newest and greatest representatives of the LGBTQ+ community. There is no misguided realization of A-Spen’s gender identity. They are, and no one doubts it. In the film, A-Spen’s decision to activate their emotions leads to an in-depth exploration of feelings that people have tried to understand for centuries. When A-Spen breaks up with Zed, they take his emotions into account and show great growth in their character.

7 “Being better than others is very enjoyable.”

– A-Lan

zombies 3 alien threesome

A-Lan learns about competition and he beats Zed at every school athletic record he ever had. Unaware of how others feel about being overshadowed, A-Lan expresses his joy at winning.

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As A-Spen embraces feelings of love and excitement, A-Lan explores the concept of competition. Because he has advanced skills, he beats everyone in almost everything. This line is hilarious because A-Lan is oblivious to the people around him. Matt Cornett delivers this line brilliantly, perhaps reminding Disney fans of his character in season 1 of the High School Musical spin-off series.

6 “It’s not rocket science, but knowledge of rocket science can’t hurt.”

– A-Li

After Zed helps the aliens gather the information they need to continue their mission, they agree to help get his college application noticed by recruiters.

As has become clear by now, the friendly alien characters in this movie get some of the best lines. A-Li takes a phrase she’s heard and indirectly declares that their kind knows rocket science, though it’s clear she doesn’t quite understand the idiom. The aliens are hyper-intelligent creatures. They collect information about the way people communicate and try to mimic their behavior. However, as with anyone learning a new language, it takes a little longer to understand slang terms and expressions.

5 “I don’t care what planet you’re from. You are my family.”

– Dale

Addison and her family pose for a family portrait in Zombies
Photo retrieved from Paul Hopkins’ Instagram

Addison’s father discovers that his wife and daughter are descendants of aliens. Although he seems confused at first, he lets Missy and Addison know that this doesn’t change how he feels about either of them.

Addison’s father is such a minor character in the… zombies movies. In the original 2018 movie, all Dale fans saw that he wants the best for his daughter, but has a more traditional opinion of what that means for Addison’s future. In Zombies 3, he realizes that his family was never ordinary, and he’s okay with that. He loves his wife and daughter as they are, and that’s all that matters. Although Dale is a minor character, his evolution is still a wonderful example of character development.

4 “I don’t know what you’re up to, big brother, but I’m behind you”

– Zoey

Zoey laughs in Zombies 2

During a pivotal scene where several Seabrook citizens accuse Addison and Zed of treason, several zombies defend the pair, including Zed’s sister Zoey.

Zoey has been the striking cute sister since the first zombies. Fans have watched her grow into a fierce young lady who adores and protects her loved ones. The theme of family in Zombies 3 is clear, and it’s great. From Zed’s supportive father to Addison’s love for her grandmother, family proves to be as important as ever. With moments like this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this movie becomes one of the best family movies of the year.

3 “Conflicts aren’t always bad. Being challenged sometimes pushes us…”

– Addison

The werewolves enter Seabrook in Zombies 2

Addison flies through space with the other aliens to find their new home. They look at memories scanned from the minds of Seabrook residents using alien technology and watch the conflict of previous films unfold. Addison explains that better things came out of it.

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In true Addison fashion, the cheerleader presents the moral of this zombies installment in just one line. The aliens come from a planet that was destroyed because no one said anything when they noticed their house was dying. Seabrook started out as a simple, judgmental town that abhorred change. The integration of zombies and the resulting conflict has made Seabrook a brighter and more inclusive place.

2 “Harmony is not silence. Unity is not equality. Love is powerful.”

– A-Spen

The cast of Zombies 3 is lined up in a large room for the final shot of the film

Upon reviewing the Seabrook memories and hearing what Addison has to say, the aliens realize the truth behind her words. A-Spen acknowledges this out loud to the others.

A-Spen doubles Addison’s point, and in one of the best comedy movie plot twists – albeit the most predictable – they returned to Seabrook to make it their new home. In life it can be easy to keep quiet to keep the peace, but as this franchise has shown, there can be no solution without conflict. A-Spen reminds viewers with this powerful line that that’s what life is all about.

1 “Where ever today can be…”

– Zedic

Seabrook welcomes the aliens with open arms at the end of the film. Zed exclaims what makes the city great and refers to the progress they’ve made over the years to make “someday today.”

Zombies 3 is considered the final installment of the franchise. If this is true, what a way to go off on this bit of dialogue! All three films feature the song “Someday,” which foretells a time when it will be good for a girl and a zombie to be together. More than that, it represents the teens’ desire to open up the world more to differences and positive change. To close this line: Zombies 3 is perfect for the story this trilogy was trying to tell.

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