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Viewers or Little People, Big World can’t help but make their opinions known regarding Tori Roloff’s parenting skills. The mother of three has her hands full as she raises children and maintains her home. But some trolls just like to point out everything they think she is doing wrong with the newborn.

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For ages, Tori has been a long-time fan favorite on the show until this season. The teacher has always come across as extremely relatable and genuine while in front of the TLC cameras. Throughout the years, viewers have watched Tori and Zach Roloff fall in love while on the farm, work multiple pumpkin seasons, get married, and start a family. This newest season has shown a feud between Zach and Matt Roloff, which has caused the growing family to move an hour down the road to Battleground, WA. Now, alone for the first time, Tori is being called out for her choices.


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In a recent Instagram Story, Tori shared that her son Josiah was finally sleeping in his newly built crib. But before Tori could bask in her success, some trolls took issue with the post. Josiah could be seen all snuggled up in the cot, surrounded by a pillow and a gray baby blanket. Followers immediately took issue with the number of linens around the baby and felt it could be a major safety hazard, especially if Josiah rolled over. One fan noted that the state of Washington was in a severe heat advisory. The extreme comments pointed out that Josiah was at risk of suffering from SIDS, with one factor actually being sleeping on too soft a surface with loose blankets.

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Some Little People, Big World fans stuck up for Tori and shared that the mother of three could have just been posing for the photo, especially for social media. But the opinions in favor of Tori were outweighed by those who wanted to see safe sleep practices. Many viewers shared that the safest way for an infant to sleep is without any loose blankets and nothing but the baby inside the crib. TLC viewers also had a go at their messy home in Washington after Zach was captured with dirty socks.

Sadly, the Little People, Big World couple deals with a lot of negative feedback, but they still continue to share their lives with the public. Since their move away from Roloff Farm, fans feel they have been isolating themselves from most of their family members in hopes of starting their own separate lives. While most feel Tori is a capable mother, many agree with so many followers that she should be more careful regarding her baby posts.

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