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A fate has happened in 90 Day Fiancé alum Juliana Custodio’s life since she announced her separation from husband, Michael Jessen. Season 7 couple Michael and Juliana were a controversial pair due to their large age gap. Juliana, who was 23 years old on the show, was accused of getting married to 42-year-old Michael for money and a Green Card. Although it was love at first sight for Michael when he met Juliana on a yacht in Croatia, her first three months in America (after the K-1 visa was issued) featured some big issues, including signing a prenup, and his close friendship with his ex-wife, Sara Naso.

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Surprisingly, Juliana got very close to Sara, and the woman also ended up officiating Michael and Juliana’s wedding, which took place in October 2019. The couple lived together in Connecticut with Sara, her husband Sean Naso, and Michael’s two kids with Sara, the adorable Max and Cece. Fans watched the blended family having fun on Instagram during the lockdown in 2020. However, when Michael announced his breakup with Juliana, just shy of their second wedding anniversary, he said that it was due to the pandemic, in a since-deleted post. Michael made it known that Juliana quickly moved on and found someone new. In her own post, Juliana had thanked Michael for the fond memories. However, she also ended up confessing that her living situation made her feel like a maid.

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Juliana, who was given a gold-digger label by many fans online, pointed out that she was helping Michael and his family out financially. She stated that she’d left a promising career in Europe to get married to him. A month passed by and Juliana, who’d already left Connecticut to settle down in Germany, announced that she was pregnant, and showed off her new boyfriend, Ben Obscura. In January, Juliana was accused of making out with Sara’s husband Sean at a party in September 2021, before her split with Michael. It was alleged that Juliana made the pregnancy announcement after Michael asked her for another chance in their marriage. Apparently, as per Sara, Juliana’s baby’s father was her husband Sean, and not her new boyfriend, Ben.

Juliana managed to keep sharing happy pregnancy updates on Instagram while dealing with these horrible accusations against her character and her unborn child. Juliana filed for divorce from Michael on Valentine’s Day, and the divorce was finalized on May 19. Two months later, on July 19, Juliana revealed that she had welcomed a baby boy with Ben. Juliana has named her son Benjamin James Louis. Juliana made the announcement, and posted a series of pictures with the baby, including one of herself nursing baby Benjamin in a hospital bed. TLC celeb Juliana spoke about how being a mother had always been her biggest dream, and shared details about the baby’s birth, such as his weight which was 4,280 kg. She also said that she gave birth without getting an epidural.

It’s not just Juliana’s personal life which has been thriving since she exited 90 Day Fiancé. On the professional front, Juliana has been doing great work as a model. The Goiana native has featured on the covers of three versions of ELLE magazine, and fans often come across Juliana’s photos while shopping on their favorite websites. Juliana wishes to return to work as soon as possible. However, her statements about how she’d been looking forward to resuming her modeling gigs were perceived as being in poor taste by some 90 Day Fiancé viewers. However, reality TV star Juliana is certainly going to be a great mom to Benjamin, and a great wife to Ben, based on what her admirers have learned about her in the past few months.

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