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Vega is a unique Assassin character in heroic which is accompanied by her wolf companion, Ajax. Although Spiderbait rides on top of another creature, Vega is the only hero who has an ally that attacks separately and doesn’t need to be summoned at first. Due to Vega’s high attack stats and her average Mana regeneration, the best card game for this hero is attack oriented and offers the opportunity to build a large army.

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The available cards for each hero are the same in the campaign and multiplayer modes for heroic, but they are unlocked in different ways. In the campaign, the main missions must be completed to unlock cards for the hero being used. However, in multiplayer mode, players must level up by completing matches, and the rewards are not specific to the hero they use. In addition, heroes must be unlocked in multiplayer, so other characters must be used for a number of matches before Vega becomes available. At level 20, all maps and heroes are unlocked in multiplayer mode.


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Since cards are unlocked as the campaign progresses, the best deck is only available at the end, so players can build towards it slowly. However, more powerful cards unlock faster in multiplayer mode, so there are several techniques to consider when building a deck to fight against other players. A deck can only contain 12 cards heroic, but players have between 39 and 45 to choose from, depending on the hero. Vega has 45 cards, but only 15 different types because they all have duplicates.

Best Vega Deck for Multiplayer Mode in HEROish

HEROish Vega Guide Best Deck Builds and Upgrades Deck Editor

In general, the ranged attackers stay on the field longer than the melee troops, so they need to be upgraded first. One of Vega’s best cards is Arrow Volley due to its high damage and large area of ​​effect, so players should also upgrade this skill early. Some of Vega’s cards are available for Flynn’s deck in heroic also, so players using both heroes should focus on upgrading the shared troops. Vega’s best deck consists of a few small troops, special hero abilities and a minimal amount of expensive cards good for an endgame attack.

  • pikeman (x2): costs four mana to summon
  • Ajax, Mol! (x1): costs six mana to use
  • bomb truck (x1): costs six mana to summon
  • guard (x1): costs six mana to summon
  • short arc (x2): costs six mana to summon
  • arrow volley (x2): costs 12 mana to use
  • Griffin Rider (x1): costs 13 mana to summon
  • ballista (x1): costs 18 mana to summon
  • stronghold (x1): costs 25 mana to summon

If players struggle to generate enough mana to use Ballista or Bulwark, they can replace these cards with Cleric, Dragoon, or more Griffin Riders. Extra small troops can also be used to replace expensive cards, but players may have a hard time defeating stronger opponents without a few stronger allies. To try out different decks for Vega, players can use the custom 1v1 AI option in heroic‘s multiplayer mode.

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heroic is available on iOS Apple Arcade.

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