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Why am I not lucky in my personal life? This is a question many women ask themselves, but are never lucky enough to answer them.

fWomen who do not have a life partner often struggle with complexes regarding their minds, personalities and other aspects of themselves. Young girls are especially affected by this problem. The girl develops complexes as a result of this problem, because she begins to think negatively,”I’m single so I failed.” The woman continues to think like this: “Everyone has a soulmate but I don’t. This wrong judgment is the beginning of negative thinking. These feminine women will eventually begin to wonder, as time goes on, “Why am I so unlucky with men?” and what mistakes do I make as a single woman?…

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If you can’t develop a relationship and find your partner, it could be because you’re constantly repeating the same mistakes. Together with a writer who provides pay to get assignments done service, we outline the mistakes a single woman can make today. Read our article and get rid of it loneliness forever.

“Our first task in life as a woman is to get to know ourselves. I think we often don’t. We spend our time pleasantly, satisfyingly, looking at the world to determine who we are; listening to the messages, the images, the limited definitions that people have of who we are.’

Michelle Obama

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Possible mistakes and how to avoid ‘the mistakes single women make’

You don’t love yourself

The main issue here is often low self-esteem, which makes women feel unattractive despite the fact that men will do anything for them. Stop being critical of yourself and start be optimistic. If not immediately, but certainly quite soon, you will see that the result will become apparent. Remember that people don’t necessarily like beauty; love is quite subjective.

‘I’m still learning to love the parts of myself that nobody claps for’

Rudy Francisco

You see a man in every man

Let’s face it, this is very repulsive to men. If a girl doesn’t need a boyfriend or a nice acquaintance, but a husband right away, is it worth wasting time on a hopeless relationship? Of course, any normal man will run from such a woman at the speed of light.

You make rash and careless decisions about intimate relationships

Girls who find it difficult to stay alone are too happy to form personal partnerships. A woman will agree to anything and everything from time to time, as long as she is not alone. Unfortunately, being intriguing and being sexually interested in a man are two different things with opposite results. Relationships galvanized exclusively on s*x can start and end quickly. There are of course exceptions.

You don’t like men who surround you

This is a classic example of a woman who no longer believes in herself or in men. No guy is going to date you if you hate men in general. After all, the world is full of excellent, wise, honorable, sympathetic and ubiquitous great men.

You’re not going anywhere or doing anything to meet a man

How will you ever find true love if you don’t take action? A man will not fall from the sky, right into your arms. To find your partner, you can use dating apps, hang out with friends and couples you know, visit cafes, cinemas, exhibitions, birthday parties and walks.

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You’re waiting for a sign of fate

It is very practical to believe in destiny and a higher destiny. Nothing depends on you, everything is predetermined and there is nothing you can do to improve, grow or learn. In addition, avoid taking responsibility for your life and instead complain to your friends about how miserable everything is. Most importantly, we can decide how we live. And it’s up to us to create the happiness we want.

“A busy, vibrant, purposeful woman is so much more attractive than a woman waiting for a man to confirm her existence.”

Mandy Hale

you are too persistent

Call, check or clarify. And convince yourself that something has happened to him if he doesn’t call. It is unlikely that anyone will respect your way of life if you show too much activity. Women can speculate for hours on why he didn’t call, didn’t show up, or disappeared. One argument is that he just didn’t want you and didn’t hold you in high esteem. Try not to think too much about such things in the future.


One of the necessary qualities of a single woman is: infantilism in romantic relationships. What does it mean?

Immature, childish behavior. There is a discrepancy between a woman’s real qualities and how she thinks a man should be, as she lives in a false reality. For example, she might believe that her husband will take care of all her problems, that he will be in full charge of her life, and that their soul-to-soul connection will happen “by itself” rather than as a result of their patience, respect and love.

An infantile woman can make a list of the things she wants in a man, and this list will resemble the characteristics of the Ideal Father.

Royal behavior

Most often, this role is played by women with high self-esteem. They were brainwashed from an early age to believe they were gifted, intelligent and stunningly beautiful. Such females cannot accurately judge themselves as adults. Whether they deserve it or not, they are sure that they can only date a rich, intelligent, beautiful man. Even if they reject all other potential suitors and wait all their lives for such a “prince”, he will never appear.


A career woman is a diagnosis. Usually a woman chooses her work over her personal life, “thanks to” her strong mother who also raised her daughter. Since early childhood, the girl has been brainwashed: “Make a career for yourself. To maintain high positions and status, you need to get a decent education.

Realizing a childhood dream is the second factor that motivates a woman to dive headlong into the workforce. For example, a young woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family would have vowed to achieve something when she grew up. As she grows older, the woman begins to perform her childhood vows. Men step into the background in this situation because the “leading star” becomes a career. Besides, it was a decision.

The mental dependence of a person on his work is the third reason. For example, Straight-A pupil syndrome affects women. She excelled in her academic studies as a girl, got off to a great start in her career, but continued to suffer in her personal life. And the woman knows that, despite her prowess in her craft, relationships with men do not end well. With every new relationship comes more misery and disillusionment. As a result, the woman gives up her personal life and focuses all her energy on her career.

The woman is not in the least concerned about her loneliness, as long as things are going well. She doesn’t think about it. When her career ends and there is no other option, concerns may arise….

Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.”

Lady Gaga

Freedom Lover

This woman doesn’t like “strangers” in her personal space. And everyone but herself will be “strangers” to her. A guy just doesn’t fit the schedule because she’s used to sleeping alone and doing what she wants when she wants.

Simply put, a classic partner will not understand why a woman needs him. He will either go or make an effort to win back his true love. The couple is still waiting for a break because it is possible that the woman will see such attempts negatively.

For women who value their freedom, a “happy ending” is only possible if they find the same partner. In this case, both parties will be content with the fact that each person has a separate life, but they occasionally meet in common territory.


Here we are talking about both physical and sexual abuse in childhood, which can cause a woman to become asexual later on, and the moral trauma they have suffered. For example, the girl’s father was a womanizer and did not hide his infidelity. The little girl saw her mother’s worries and suffered herself. However, these dreams rarely come true – girls who have been “traumatized” by their fathers only encounter unfaithful men.

This makes it a challenge for women to maintain long-term relationships.

Girls who have been physically abused often avoid a relationship with a man and don’t want to start a family.


Any single woman can significantly change her life. Just keep in mind the precise steps that need to be taken. Instead of waiting for things to change, take action.

Analyze your own life and determine what needs to be improved, what needs to be removed and what needs to be added. The most crucial things are finding inner peace, getting to know and valuing yourself, building love energy and starting to share it with those around you.

In any case, success is inevitable if some effort, reason, and emotion are put into the situation.


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