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A spokesperson for Taylor Swift has responded to a report citing the singer as the celebrity with the worst CO2 emissions from private planes.

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Yesterday a report was published by Garden claimed that the American singer was the biggest CO2 polluter of the year so far, flying 170 times in her private jet and emitting a total of 8,294.54 tons of CO2.

However, Swift’s spokesperson said: Buzzfeed news the stats are wrong.

For context, the report claims that the average person produces just seven tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Taylor Swift has been named the celebrity with the worst CO2 emissions from private planes. (Getty)

Swift’s rep said only some of the 170 flights can be attributed to the singer: “Taylor’s jet is regularly lent to other individuals. It is blatantly incorrect to attribute most or all of these trips to her.”

Either way, it’s clear that Swift’s jet produces significant amounts of carbon emissions due to its inefficient use.

According to the Garden report, her average flight time is just 80 minutes, and her jet’s shortest recorded flight flew just 36 minutes between Missouri and Nashville.

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Swift and Kim Kardashian are among the worst celebrity polluters. (Getty)

Other major celebrity polluters include boxer and perpetrator of domestic violence Floyd Mayweather, whose shortest flight lasted just 10 minutes but emitted a ton of carbon; Kim Kardashian, who has emitted 609 times more carbon than the average person; and director Steven Spielberg, who took an 18-minute flight between Rotterdam and Amsterdam – a journey that takes just one hour by train.

The topic of celebrity carbon emissions has since blown up Kylie Jenner shared an out-of-touch photo of her and partner Travis Scott posing in front of their private jets with the caption, “Would you like to take mine or yours?”

Amid the backlash, many began to delve deeper into the use of Jenner’s private jet by the… Celebrity Jets Twitter accountwhich records private jet travel of celebrities.

Many were shocked that she made regular flights of just 12 minutes and rebuked her for “her absolute disregard for the planet”.

Many found it hypocritical that ordinary people were being asked by big companies to cut down on car trips and use paper straws while celebrities are constantly leaving huge carbon footprints with frivolous travel in their private jets.

Despite the wave of criticism, celebrities have continued to take short-haul private flights.

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