Sal introduces his girlfriend to Reyna, this is how Siena reacts when she comes to PonPel

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The Love Bond Episode, July 31, 2022, is likely to tell that Sal Pradipa will take Siena to Pondok Pelita to be introduced to Alfahri’s family.

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Previously, Sal was still at Pondok Pelita talking with Mama Rosa.

Sal is also happy, because Andin and Reyna can be close again. Mama Rosa also felt that way.

Sal also received a report from Rendy that it was Ricky who threw the broken glass at Andin’s car.

Shortly after that, Sal received a message from Siena that his girlfriend would return to Australia because she felt there was no quality time.

Sal immediately headed to Siena’s house. Once there, Sal apologizes to Siena and tells his girlfriend not to be angry.

Sal invites Siena for a walk together. In fact, Sal deliberately turned off his cellphone so as not to interfere with his time with Siena.

Siena was sure that Sal would feel uncomfortable having to turn off his cellphone.

Sal and Siena go out together. They threw jokes at each other making Siena look happy.

Suddenly, Sal tells Siena that his girlfriend should get to know Reyna.

Sal was sure that Siena would be happy to get to know Reyna. Siena is willing to let Sal take her to Pondok Pelita.

Possibly, Sal will indeed invite Siena to Pondok Pelita as well as be introduced to Alfahri’s family.

Once there, Siena may be amazed by the large and magnificent palace of Pondok Pelita.

Sal immediately invited Siena to come inside. Aldebaran’s cousin began to know Siena to Mama Rosa.

Mama Rosa warmly welcomed Siena’s presence and said not to hesitate to play at Pondok Pelita.

Not only Mama Rosa, Siena will also get to know Andin.

Siena muttered she now knew that Andin was Mama Rosa’s daughter-in-law.

Knowing Sal was coming, Reyna approached Aldebaran’s cousin. Sal tells Reyna that Siena is his girlfriend.

Siena immediately became acquainted with Reyna. He said in his heart that Reyna was cute and very close to Sal.

Will Siena instantly get to know Reyna? It could be, the Gemoy will invite Siena to play with his cat.

Watch the soap opera Ikatan Cinta which will air again tonight at 20.15 WIB on RCTI (if there is no change in broadcast hours).

Attention, the content of the Bond of Love does not precede the content of the story, this article only aims to entertain the loyal audience of the bond of love.


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