SAD! Nino dies, Elsa realizes that her desire has been a source of suffering in the bond of love

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Ricky is acting up again. This time I don’t know what Ricky threw at Nino’s car. Mama Karina’s son who was driving suddenly couldn’t see the road and ended up crashing into a big tree.

In the previous episode, it was told, Nino called Elsa to make sure that Elsa came to her first divorce trial with Nino.

Elsa, who had just returned from Pondok Pelita after receiving judgment from everyone, then picked up Nino’s phone.

Elsa said that she would definitely come to the divorce trial. Elsa asked Nino not to worry.

Nino seemed pleased to hear that. It’s time to end it all and look at a new life without Elsa’s presence.

Elsa, on the other hand, seemed very unwilling to lose Nino. Elsa also wondered whether the story of her household with Nino would end too.

Then, Elsa called Ricky. Elsa told Ricky everything. Elsa said that she was sad because she was going through a divorce trial with Nino.

Then Ricky tried to calm Elsa down. Ricky said so what did Elsa really want.

Elsa said what she wanted at this time, how the people around her felt the sadness and misfortune experienced by Elsa.

Ricky was ready to grant Elsa’s request. Ricky will always help Elsa no matter what happens.

Then Ricky finally acts by making Nino crash.

At first, Nino looked radiant when he said goodbye to Mama Karina. Nino is about to go to court to attend the first trial of his divorce from Elsa.

Mama Karina looked worried about her son’s condition. Mama Karina feels something will happen to Nino.

As it turned out, what Mama Karina was worried about came true. This time, Nino had an accident.

The car he was driving lost control and crashed into a tree.

The reason is none other than Ricky. Ricky translates what Elsa said by making Nino helpless.

Ricky throws a smoke bomb at Nino’s car. This made Nino’s vision weaken and the car he was driving lost its way.

So what will happen in tonight’s episode. Maybe Ricky’s plan will go his way.

The possibility of Nino’s life will not be saved. Ricky’s actions make Nino seriously injured.

Blood splattered and came out of Nino’s head. Nino’s face was blocked by fresh blood that kept coming out of his temples.

Help came. Nino was immediately rushed to the hospital. Long story short, Nino entered the emergency room.

After the doctor conducted an examination, Nino was declared in a coma and had to undergo surgery immediately.

The doctor said, Nino suffered a severe blow to the head. As a result, surgery must be performed immediately.

However, before Nino went up to the operating table, the doctor declared that Nino could not survive. His condition was critical and then weakened.

Reyna’s biological father’s heartbeat stopped. Crying broke out, where Mama Karina now had to live alone after being left by Nino for good.

Elsa who knew this immediately fainted. The person he loved had to die. Elsa regrets because what she wants always makes her worse.

Elsa now realizes that desire is the source of suffering. Elsa was lost and silent. He sat languidly in his room alone.

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