Lost Kids Drop Surprise Song ‘Mixtape : Time Out’ To End Fan Week: Listen – NBCNEWS

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Stray Kids has been playing a new song all week to round out the celebrations thanks to their devoted fans.

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on Aug 1, 2018, the K-pop boy band revealed the official name of their fandom — affectionately called Stay — and takes time every year to honor the moment. Fourth anniversary Stay in 2022, Stray Kids announces ‘STAYweeK’ for daily drops of behind the scenes videos, unseen photos, vlogs, live streams and more ‘special gifts’. Now, for the last day, SKZ unveiled their new song “Mixtape : Time Out” as a final gift for fans.

“Time Out” opens with the sound of beach waves and quickly jumps into an energetic punk rock atmosphere to combine nicely with the fun message of the song: “Let the stress fly away/ Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow”, the Kids to sing. “We’re just going to have some fun now.” According to a track description, the song reflects a real vacation the band spent along with the beach sounds recorded by the group.

To discover

To discover

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“Time Out” is Stray Kids’ latest “mixtape” song that the group usually drops as off-cycle, mostly surprise songs. Their last band, “Mixtape: Oh,” was released in June 2021 at number 1 on the World Digital Song Sales Chartgiving the band their first ever hit on the chart.

It won’t be long before Stray Kids get the chance to see their US Stays as the group will soon be one of the leading performers at KCON 2022 in Los Angeles next month.

Watch the music video for “Mixtape: Time Out” below.

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