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Having been stuck in generic sun sign prediction but never understood why because emotions are depicted by moon sign. In love, we seek the venus sign and we take on the role of rising sign. So just Google your venus sign along with the moon sign to connect better says Psychic Medium Daksh Kakkar.Aries

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Single- A warning is shown before accepting any invitation and just learn to energize your yoni through exercise.

Relationship –Dare to come back to where you began and invoke your sexual energy to make it passionate and take a trip within

Complicated- your soul varies from place to place and you work on your eating habits to feel re-energized.

Song- Ghar jo Khali hai

Shopping Color – Green


Single- Life goes full circle so don’t worry about any interference from the past and learn to invoke magic within

Relationship- You are the queen but also the protector and healer so don’t worry about a rough patch.

Complicated- You are in the energy of enchantment and creation but also the destruction of the old so feel woke within

Song- Tere bin sang

Shopping Color- Crimson Red


Single- You are in the oracle of gods so you’ll learn to go from dissolution to awareness as you learn to speak up.

Relationship- You can have differences of opinion but knowing what you think also becomes a manifestation.

Complicated- Just learn to know the impurity needs to be removed from within to know why you are being tested.

Song- Yaadon Mein

Shopping color-Yellow


Single- In a place of darkness just know compassion brings out the best and it’ll help you manifest for the future.

Relationship- In this relationship love is a two road so know compromises have to come from both ways.

Complicated- you are venerated more than before that helps you feel elevated for a peaceful time ahead.

Song- Jhuki si Nazar

Shopping Color- Black


Single-the Celtic within you is roaring so just feel energized and know that surrender is never an option

Relationship- Vigorous and successful times are shown ahead as you realize the need for each other for the better.

Complicated- The fertility is in progress so don’t feel downtrodden and make your enemy terrified rather than the way around.

Song- Arziyan

Shopping color – Yellow


Single- lead your way as the warrior within you is roaring and focus on skincare for a change

Relationship- the peace in a relationship is shown as more understanding is under process and strength to achieve

Complicated- achieving power and vigilance, the test of willingness to overcome the past.


Shopping color – Brown.


Single- need your primal needs to regrow and restart your journey and know your true calling.

Relationship- Don’t feel isolated as it helps to rebound, only when misunderstanding is cleared and imposing on others doesn’t work.

Complicated- Don’t feel pressurized by anyone else as you will learn to dedicate your time to your passion

Song- O ranks

Shopping Color- Orange



Single- The goddess of love and beauty is shimmering within, so plan a trip this rain.

Relationship- You’re the embodiment of good, shining, fire rich, and good so it’s time to embrace first only to make the partner feel that

Complicated- welcome of the new order is shown with the power of meditation and manifestation

Song- Chaap tilak

Shopping color- Emerald green


Single- Fortune favors the bold, so feel unpressurized to do anything that doesn’t come from within.

Relationship- Battle is fought for the favor of the queens, so stand your ground.

Complicated- A role for leadership and power is shown in the following, so prepare accordingly.

Song- Dhaadak



Single-Due to a dual role you’re trying to overcome a wound, and don’t give up.

Relationship- Like a guardian of the forest, you’re trying to salvage the pieces together, it’ll all come together.

Complicated- It’s okay to feel fierce and helpless at the same time and not feel the need to take revenge

Song- Sajdah

Colour- Golden



Single- A dance routine can be instilled in your routine and feel liberated as you level up.

Relationship-One may be lured into trackless ways and lost, so don’t be hard on yourself let it go full circle.

Complicated- A hair spa is needed for self-love and transgression is a thing of the past.

Song- Gulon main rank

The shopping color is purple.


Single- keep going even if you know the journey doesn’t end and be fearless.

Relationship- try to overcome the reclusiveness and try to unwind from the mysterious situations leading up to the day

Complicated-Call out your soul friends and try to talk out to people you may have blocked or pushed away over the era.

Song- Jaane Kaise woh log

Shopping color- grey

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