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School Endnote Series

Jakarta, NBCNEWS

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Remember the cool performance of Ramon Y Tungka, Marcel Chandrawinata and Vino Bastian as high school students who exposed school corruption in 2005?

About love, friendship and high school intrigue School Final Notes in the phenomenal film directed by Hanung Bramantyo, it will be rebooted again in a series.

The film will be made into a serial version through a project initiated by Paragon Pictures and Ideosource Entertainment in association with Vision+.
“Vision+ is proud to announce our latest project, namely the original School Notes series in collaboration with Paragon Pictures and Ideosource Entertainment,” said Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo as Managing Director of Vision+.

School Final Notes 2005 ago

This time the assignment will change from Hanung to Andibachtiar Yusuf, who previously worked on the film Love for Sale.

“In addition to bringing back the nostalgia for the much-loved School Endnotes, we also want to provide content that is fresh, full of entertainment and relatable to young people,” Clarissa continued.

School End Notes Series will be made with the current school atmosphere. Meanwhile, the director chimed in about his vision to work on School Endnotes.

School Final Notes Series/ Photo: School Final Notes Series

“Through this series, we will present the same spirit as the big screen version. All the players in the 2005 version of the School Notes can become big players in the Indonesian film industry,” Andibachtiar Yusuf said.

Then who is the successor of young actors of Vino Bastian Cs? They include Geraldo Chandra, Arya Mohan, Azela Putri and Sarah Beatriz.


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