Career Destroyed Due to the Case of Prilly Latuconsina and Aliando Syarief, Gritte Agatha Successfully Becomes a YouTuber

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YouTuber with millions of subscribers, Gritte Agatha, was apparently caught in a problem with celebrities Prilly Latuconsina and Aliando Syarief in 2016. This made Gritte’s career in the Indonesian entertainment world so sluggish.

He then focused on starting a career as a content creator on YooTube. As a result, currently Gritte Agatha is included in the ranks of YouTubers with hundreds of millions of income a month.

When she was a guest star in one of the Indonesian television shows, the beautiful artist said not to give up on the situation. He is constantly trying to build a career and make a living.

“I’m not the stressed type and I’m not really a zero online shop, I used to be there. I never worried about the person, honestly I believe everything has been arranged,” said Gritte Agatha, quoted from the YouTube Channel, Tuesday (5/10/2021). ).

According to Gritte, the bitter experience was used as a valuable lesson. This 25-year-old woman confirms that sustenance will come not only in television work, but from other doors such as YouTube.

“So maybe at that time I had to introspect myself, but I’m sure my sustenance won’t stop there, and if it’s a little bit, it’s because the path is a little bit,” said Gritte Agatha.

After struggling from scratch to enter the world of YouTube, currently Gritte has a large income from the monetization of its content. “Two years on YouTube, I have been able to buy daily necessities, such as cars, land in the BSD area of ​​200 meters, I want to build myself according to what I want,” said Gritte Agatha.

Five years ago, Prilly made a video that said inappropriate words about Aliando Syarief’s family. It is said that Prilly dared to express her heart because she was with Gritte. The case had a negative impact on Gritte’s career, causing him to lose many jobs and be removed from television shows.


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