3 Sources of Wealth Sahrul Gunawan, Deputy Regent of Bandung who has a crush on Ayu Ting Ting – NBCNEWS

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The source of Sahrul Gunawan's wealth (Instagram/@sahrulgunawanofficial)

Sahrul Gunawan was previously also known as the ‘King’ of soap operas.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Sahrul Gunawan again expressed his feelings for Ayu Ting Ting. Sahrul Gunawan apparently still has a crush on the singer from Depok. However, in view of Ayu Ting Ting’s wealth, Sahrul Gunawan decided to resign.

Aside from wealth, Sahrul Gunawan is reluctant to approach Ayu Ting Ting because he is still the deputy regent of Bandung. The world of politics seems to be making it difficult for Ayu Ting Ting, who is now a successful artist.

Despite being humble about wealth, Sahrul Gunawan is said to have a wealth of IDR 22.43 billion, you know! Where did Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth come from? Check out the following review.

1. Sinetron player

The source of Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth (Instagram/@sahrulgunawanofficial)

Sahrul Gunawan became known to the public when he played in the soap opera “Jin and Jun” in 1996. Dozens of soap operas and FTV titles have starred Sahrul Gunawan since he was 20 years old. It is known that Sahrul Gunawan is still actively acting in soap operas till 2020. Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth is definitely accumulated from decades of acting in soap operas, right!

2. Singer

The source of Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth (Instagram/@sahrulgunawanofficial)

So far, many are more familiar with Sahrul Gunawan as a soap opera actor. But actually Sahrul Gunawan actually started his career as a singer. Sahrul Gunawan participated in RCTI’s “Asia Bagus” and “Cipta Pesona Bintang” singing competitions while in college. It was not until 1996 that Sahrul Gunawan managed to enter the recording studio.

A total of 7 solo albums and 4 collaboration albums have been released by Sahrul Gunawan. Even in April 2022, Sahrul Gunawan still released the single “Tak Berjarak” in collaboration with AFE Records.

3. Deputy Regent of Bandung for the period 2021-2026

The source of Sahrul Gunawan's wealth (Instagram/@sahrulgunawanofficial)
The source of Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth (Instagram/@sahrulgunawanofficial)

Sahrul Gunawan is said to have assets of Rp 24.65 billion based on the State Administrators Wealth Report (LHKPN) in 2020. The total assets are then reduced by the amount of Sahrul Gunawan’s debt which is Rp 2.22 billion so that his assets are said to be Rp 22.43 billion to be.

The total wealth comes from the land and buildings owned by Sahrul Gunawan in the cities of Bogor, South Tangerang and South Jakarta. Sahrul Gunawan also has a 2020 Toyota Fortuner TRD car worth IDR 480 million.

Referring to the government regulation of the Republic of Indonesia number 59 of 2000, the basic salary of a deputy head of regency/city is Rp 1.8 million per month. The salary does not include allowances based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 68 of 2001.

For the Deputy Regent, the amount of office allowance is Rp3.24 million per month. Not to mention the office facilities with equipment and maintenance costs, official cars, health care costs, official travel costs, costs for official clothes and attributes, and operational support costs to support the implementation of Sahrul Gunawan’s duties as Deputy Regent of Bandung.

These are the various sources of Sahrul Gunawan’s wealth. What do you think?

Contributor: Nur Khasanah


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