12 Moments Baby R Meets Teuku Ryan’s Family, The First Granddaughter That Makes A Shot

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Baby R's moment meets Teuku Ryan's family (YouTube/Ricis Official)

Hearing that Ria Ricis gave birth, Teuku Ryan’s family immediately came to Jakarta. What was the moment when Baby R met Teuku Ryan’s family like? Check out the following portraits.

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1. Teuku Ryan’s family arrived at Ria Ricis’s residence when it was already dark. They came all the way from Aceh just to see Baby R in person.

2. Teuku Ryan’s family was then welcomed by Ria Ricis’s sister, Doctor Shindy. As is known, Oki Setiana Dewi and her mother were in Egypt when Ria Ricis gave birth.

3. When meeting Baby R for the first time, Teuku Ryan’s sister, who is familiarly called Puput, immediately shouted with joy. However, Teuku Ryan forbade Puput to carry his daughter in order to wash his hands first.

4. This is the moment when Teuku Ryan’s mother holds Baby R. Puput, Teuku Ryan’s sister, never stops looking at her niece and calling her ‘beautiful’.

5. Unfortunately, Baby R’s beautiful face is still hidden from the public. Baby R’s full name has not been announced until today, Saturday (30/7/2022).

6. Teuku Ryan’s family seemed to surround Baby R and looked at him not getting bored. When asked about the resemblance, the family could not determine whether they resembled Ryan or Ria Ricis.

7. Puput, Teuku Ryan’s sister, admitted that she was still confused about what to call Baby R. Doctor Shindy suggested calling ‘aunty’ to ‘budhe’, one of which Puput had not chosen.

8. Although his face has not been shown to the public, Baby R is said to have a sharp chin like after treatment. Baby R’s nose is already visible, his eyes are round, and his face is said to have inherited thick Acehnese blood from his father.

9. Mrs. Teuku Ryan then said a prayer for Baby R to become a pious child, memorize the Qur’an, and be devoted to parents. Baby R is also told that he is always calm when he listens to the salawat.

10. It was Teuku Ryan’s father’s turn to carry Baby R. Ria Ricis finally appeared and welcomed Teuku Ryan’s family who had come all the way from Aceh.

11. Baby R was greeted with excitement because Teuku Ryan’s parents had just picked up their first grandchild, different from Ria Ricis, who already had 5 nieces and nephews. Baby R turns out to be very similar to Teuku Ryan when he was born.

12. Baby R finally woke up from sleep and immediately ‘show voice’ through crying. When he woke up, Baby R’s eyes were told to immediately look for the camera. It’s all right!

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