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Say Yes to the Dress Season 21 Episode 4

On Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC, Say Yes To The Dress returns triumphant with another jaw-dropping episode. Two brides-to-be visited Kleinfeld this week in search of their ideal wedding dress. While this is going on, a third bride-to-be will return with her family for her final adjustment in the hopes they would support her decision.

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The fourth episode of Say Yes To The Dress features two striking brides-to-be and their entourage. Since it debuted in 2007, the well-known reality TV show has amassed a sizable fan base.

Say You Think You Can Dance has seen brides and their entourages in Manhattan’s Kleinfeld search for the ideal wedding dress since the show’s debut.

The Say Yes To The Dress episode will be repeated on TLC on Sundays at 12:00 PM ET and again at 6:00 AM ET for fans who missed the original broadcast on July 30.

The show’s 21st season has just launched. The promo for the upcoming episode introduces viewers to a bride who has about 100 dresses, but hasn’t found any that she adores.

Say Yes to the Dress Season 21 Episode 4

Here’s What Viewers Can Expect From Season 21 Episode 4 of Say yes to the dress

This week on Say Yes To The Dress, two new brides-to-be Liana and Meridith are featured under the title Can’t We All Get Along and Get This Dress? The introduction of Bria, who is back for her last fitting, is also shown to the viewers.

Liana travels with her mother and sister as her companions. Unfortunately, before the bride’s advisers arrive, they find themselves in the middle of a dispute. In a sneak look released by the show, bride-to-be Liana showed up at the store with just four months until her wedding.

She has tried on over a hundred dresses but has yet to find one that she loves despite being a bodybuilder. Liana was under pressure to find the right dress, but she also worried about her wayward mother and sister, who had different tastes than herself.

Even before Lisa and Randy arrived, the bride’s entourage could be seen fighting over the kind of dress the bride wanted. Liana admitted that her mother and sister overwhelmed her when she hugged Randy.

She admitted to Randy that she visited about four additional bridal boutiques and only found one outfit that she really adored.

The main problem was that they were not interested in the same style of dressing as the bride-to-be. Liana was looking for a dress with cutouts in the bodice and sequins. Her sister had a simple idea, while her mother wanted her to wear a ball gown.

The official recap for Episode 4 is as follows:

Only on TLC, Say Yes To The Dress airs every Saturday at 8pm ET. For more information, readers should check their local directories for listings.

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