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“Worship is a volume business. Whosoever has the most followers wins the game,” Technical Boy said. That is why Mr. Wednesday brought in Shadow Moon and started a war with the New Gods to protect the Old Gods from extinction. Wednesday’s war has dragged through three seasons of American Gods with gods from both sides of the divide being tested to their limits. Through the war, some Gods have become more powerful while some, like Mr. World, that was thought to be powerful have been proved to be imposters.

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The most powerful gods in the show are not the ones with the most followers though. It is those that combine character and self-awareness and use their power for good, which is why the Old Gods have the upper hand despite having fewer followers. The show redeemed some of the characters on both sides of the divide in the third season changing the dynamics of power in the show considerably.

Updated on July 30th, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos: American Gods ended with its third season, and while the TV show didn’t complete the series it started from Neil Gaiman’s novel, it did end on a note where it seemed that Mr. Wednesday had fulfilled his goals and used Shadow Moon to regain his former glory. It clearly showed Odin was one of the most powerful gods in existence, even more so than originally thought. However, he wasn’t the only god introduced throughout the series, and these gods all weigh on different sides of the power spectrum, whether old gods or the new ones. There is no word on whether there will be an American Gods season 4 on any network, but if there is, there are some powerful gods in this world to go to war with.


16 Vulcan

American Gods - Wednesday Vulcan and Shadow

Vulcan was powerful enough to hold an entire town under his spell. However, he wasn’t strong enough to fight in the war that Mr. Wednesday wanted to wage. Vulcan was the god of weaponry and fire, and while he was not in the Neil Gaiman novel, he was one of Odin’s oldest allies.

With that said, Vulcan let others go to war for him. He supplied the guns and bullets, the tanks and grenades. and he thrived when humans killed each other with his own creations, praying to him via bullets that kill. When Mr. Wednesday killed Vulcan, it showed his true lack of power though.

15 Jesus

Jesus In AG

Jesus showed up in the second season of American Gods, but it was almost a joke when he appeared. He arrived at Easter’s party. Shadow Moon saw him and knew immediately that this was Jesus from the Christian gods, and watched in shock as he enjoyed wine at the party.

Like the Bible, Jesus was not much for fighting. What was interesting was there were more Jesus figures there and Wednesday explained that there are several versions of Jesus for different denominations. He has more believers than anyone on Earth but still falls short of other gods around him. He also dies a lot.

14 Jinn

American Gods Season 2 Salim and the Jinn

Jinn is a god from the Middle East, one of the most powerful of the tribe of fellow jinns. He first appeared in season one, when he met with Mr. Wednesday. In the second season, he shows up at the House on the Rock to determine if he will stand and fight with Wednesday.

For his powers, Jinn is not a giver of wishes, as legends claim. Instead, he is bound to a person who releases him, and he owes his freedom to Mr. Wednesday. He is shown to be very powerful, but also smart and resourceful, and helps out Wednesday without needing to return for the final battle.

13 The Zorya Sisters

The Zorya Sisters are Old Gods, with Vechernyaya as the Evening Star, Utrennyaya as the Morning Star, and Polunochnaya as the Midnight Star. Wednesday goes to them for help in his war, but also as one of their oldest and closest friends.

The Zorya Sisters are guardian goddesses and they are ready to fight, but not ready for the battle that is coming. Their power is lacking in many areas, as Vechernyaya died at the hands of the New Gods, bringing her love Czernobog into the fight.

12 Mr. Nancy

Mr Nancy in American Gods Show

Mr. Nancy was one of the best characters in the American Gods’ first season. He was also very important in the novel and even got a novel of his own from Neil Gaiman. However, thanks to some controversy behind the scenes, the AMC series wrote Mr. Nancy out of the series.

His real name is Anansi, and in the first season, he was a storyteller and was responsible for some of the best quotes in that premiere American Gods season. He is also the trickster god and often mocks authority, becoming almost an antihero in the series. Nancy disappeared between the second and third seasons.

11 Czernobog

Czernobog was supposed to protect Zorya but he failed. He was also supposed to protect Wednesday but Laura and Liam Doyle were too fast for him. He doesn’t have any more followers and the loss of Zorya left him broken. His inability to control his emotions also makes him very unreliable as an ally.

He was probably powerful at one point in the past because he said the swing of his hammer could cause an earthquake but that is not the case in American Gods. He has resorted to fighting with his own allies like Shadow Moon rather than going for the enemy.

10 Mr. Ibis

Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis in American Gods

Ibis’ records are the most important source of information on both gods and their followers in the show. He doesn’t have many followers anymore but he is respected by all of his friends, including Wednesday because everyone needs knowledge.

He may not be much of a formidable opponent in terms of fighting and killing but he is smart and always knows what to say and what to do. He also knows almost everything about everyone which is why none of the gods could afford to have him as an enemy.

9 Mad Sweeney

Mad Sweeney Challenges Shadow in American Gods Season 1

The show tried to redeem Sweeney but he died accidentally before his redemption was complete. He wasn’t a strong man while he lived, anyways since most of his time on the show was spent serving Wednesday. It s not clear what he owed Wednesday, but whatever it was, it ruined him.

He killed Laura Moon on Wednesday’s orders and then lost his lucky coin to Shadow Moon, making him the unluckiest god in the show. He had no followers and also struggled with substance abuse which made him useless to Wednesday as an ally in the war. He, however, managed to save Laura’s life in an attempt to make up for his mistakes which made him a better man than Wednesday.

8 Anubis

Ibis and Jacquel funeral parlor, Anubis cleaning a body before a funeral in American Gods season 1

Anubis’ American Gods’ character is based on the guide of the dead in Egyptian mythology who would guide all souls to their destiny. In American Gods, he operates as Mr. Ibis’ partner, Jacquel, running a funeral parlor – but he is one of the most powerful gods in the show.

He guards the gates to the afterlife and every soul (including gods) has to encounter him when they die. He doesn’t compromise, although sometimes he meets stubborn souls like Laura and Euginia. As a person, Anubis is a principled god that lives by the rules and doesn’t involve himself in useless squabbles.

7 Media

Gillian Anderson as the first reincarnation of Media in American Gods Season 1

Media is Mr. World’s ally who has the ability to change appearance just like Mr. World himself, and happens to have the largest following of any god. She has the power to track people down and play around with their minds wherever they are just as she did with Shadow Moon.

Media is also Mr. World’s tool for spreading chaos as she can reach more people faster than any other god. She is Mr. World’s minion though which puts her on the wrong side of the war. She is still one of the most formidable foes Wednesday has had to deal with.

6 Money

William Sanderson as Money in American Gods. Money meets with Wednesday and Mr. World

The idea of money being a god was revolutionary for the second season. For the first time in the show, Wednesday was humble in front of another god. Money was able to intimidate both Mr. World and Mr. Wednesday and none of them seemed to have a way of defeating him.

He is principled just like Anubis and doesn’t care about anything except interest. He is neutral though, so his power is limited to the prevailing circumstances which make him dependent on the actions of M. World and Wednesday.

5 Mr. World

Vrispin Glover as Mr. World in American Gods. Mr. World as Globalization

Mr. World captured Technical Boy to use him to power Shard, his app that he is planning to use to finally control human thoughts. Shard would give Mr. World total control over human worship, or so it seems. However, with Mr. World, nothing is as it seems since the third season revealed that he is the trickster Loki who is also the god of chaos.

Mr. World is a heartless tyrant that tortures his minions while manipulating the New Gods to bend to his will. Apart from Shapeshifting and planting chaos, Mr. World isn’t very powerful but he doesn’t let the New Gods know it. However, to those that understand him like Wednesday, Mr. World is not that powerful. Once the truth of his identity is revealed, Mr. World’s power will be finished.

4 Bilquis

Yetide Badaki as Bilquis in American Gods

Bilquis, The Queen of Sheba is very powerful but she lost her identity because of her worshipers. The show redeemed her by helping her rediscover her true purpose as the goddess of love and freedom that would help Shadow Moon bring peace to the world. She is now the most important part of the show’s redemption of the gods to become tools of peace and goodwill rather than chaos and conflict.

While on the dark side, Bilquis consumed many of her worshipers and hurt people, but that wasn’t her purpose. She proved to be stronger than Mr. World when she saw through his manipulation. A mere touch of her finger was also enough to crash Technical Boy’s memory proving that she is stronger than him. As a person, Bilquis is also sweet.

3 Technical Boy

Bruce Langley as Technical Boy in American Gods season 1, Tech Boy Torturing Shadow Moon

When the show started, Technical Boy was just a spoilt brat with lots of power doing everything that Mr. World asked him to do. He has never discovered his true identity, though, because Mr. World keeps it hidden from him. As Mr. World confessed, Technical Boy is the bridge between the Old Gods and the New because he represents human innovation.

He is very powerful yet he doesn’t even know it. Being hurt by Bilquis reshaped him as he toned down on his arrogance and created an alliance with Shadow Moon. If he manages to discover his true identity in American Gods season 4, he will make the most powerful god in the show.

2 Shadow Moon

Wednesday and Shadow trying to convince Ostara to fight with the Old Gods in American Gods season 1

While Technical Boy is the bridge between the Old and the New Gods, Shadow Moon is the bridge between humanity and the gods. Like Technical Boy, Shadow doesn’t know his true identity either and he has been a victim of Wednesday’s manipulation since the first season. He has, however, proved to be a better leader for the Old Gods than his father.

He has also managed to make friends with Bilquis and Technical Boy who are the other most powerful gods and who are essential in the journey to peace. It is not clear how American Gods plans to bring him to his full identity as a god, but if he survived the ritual on the World Tree in American Gods season 4, then he will make the most powerful god in the show with more powerful allies than both Wednesday and World.

1 Mr. Wednesday

Mr. Wednesday on his trip to Wisconsin in American Gods S01

Wednesday is Odin, the All-Father, who happens to have wronged almost everyone he has ever interacted with in the past. He gets people indebted to him and then manipulates them to do his will. He is a con artist and a manipulator just like Mr. World, but unlike his nemesis, he cares more about his followers. Away from his selfishness, Odin is a more powerful god than Mr. World.

He knows how to navigate delicate waters and forge alliances even with people that hate him. As the god of war, planting hate and chaos is the one thing he does best making him the greatest threat to peace among both gods and humans. Some people such as Cordelia still see some good in him. He could be even more powerful if there is an American Gods season 4.

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