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Don’t expect Bruce Banner to recover from his MCU Phase 3 slump any time soon – especially if Marvel’s She-Hulk SDCC 2022 trailer is an indication. Whether it’s Edward Norton in 2008 The Incredible Hulk or Mark Ruffalo in 2012 The AvengersBruce Banner’s Hulk always felt dangerous during Phase 1. That tide is turning”I’m always angry” moment during the Battle of New York still ranks among the very best MCU scenes from the merry green giant. Even as Hulk became less new, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok successfully added new shades to that intimidating look. Then a Titan came…

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Outright defeated by Thanos (with a total of one Infinity Stone), Hulk brought the vast majority of Avengers: Infinity War hiding anxiously behind Bruce Banner – a spectacular low for the ex-strongest Avenger. The Hulk slander has barely improved in Avengers: Endgame. Not only would the MCU offend Bruce Banner by developing its “Smart Hulk” character completely off-screen, but the transition effectively washed any Hulk-ism out of Banner’s personality. Only a pea-colored CGI Mark Ruffalo remained, without the compelling duality that makes Hulk such a timeless Marvel hero. Ruffalo’s next MCU appearance is coming She-Hulkwhere Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin accidentally inherits his blood and develops a green side all of his own.

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Bruce (still in Smart Hulk mode) takes it upon himself to train Jennifer Walters in a safe, isolated location where no civilians are at risk. He needn’t have worried. Jennifer perfectly manages her anger in stressful situations, throws a boulder further than her more experienced cousin and embarrasses Banner during balancing acts. Jennifer can’t help pointing out how she’s doing.nail“Every challenge Bruce presents her, and the Avenger admits she’s a little jealous (not that you would know) about her natural talent. So shortly after Hulk’s Avengers: Infinity War shyness and the bespectacled makeover of Avengers: EndgameHere’s Jennifer Walters instantly mastering all the tricks Bruce Banner struggled with for years. The control, the power, the poise – Jennifer makes them look effortless as her niece watches with understandably annoyed.

How Jennifer’s MCU Powers Adapt She-Hulk’s Comics

Jennifer Walters is enjoying an easier Hulk transition and is straight out of Marvel comics. She-Hulk’s powers and abilities vary between runs, but Jennifer is generally weaker than Bruce Banner because she is exposed to gamma rays only secondhand. On the plus side, this means she retains a much greater degree of control and intelligence, and as an avid martial artist, Jennifer also brings the kind of discipline and physical prowess that Bruce Banner lacked when he first went green. These details help explain why Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk doesn’t rage when Bruce pisses her off, why she’s superior at yoga, and why she rips through her workout duties the way Hulk ripped through Johannesburg.

She-HulkJennifer’s problem isn’t that Jennifer has it any easier than Bruce Banner, but how she is so favorably compared to Bruce Banner with no apparent flaws. She-Hulk‘s SDCC 2022 trailer shouldn’t make Hulk look bad for Jennifer to look good, but that’s exactly what happens. The rookie even emerges victorious in a stone throw, giving the impression that she’s stronger (even if Bruce most likely held back). There is a real “all Hulk can do, She-Hulk could be betteratmosphere that makes Bruce Banner seem much crazier than it needs to be. She-Hulk could have set up Jennifer’s expert anger management without repeatedly embarrassing Bruce.

This is a Disney+’s mistake She-Hulk series can be addressed in several ways. As Jennifer continues to adjust to superhero lives, the downsides and limits of her abilities may slowly trickle in, proving that She-Hulk took her cousin’s training for granted, and maybe got a little cocky after those early wins. Jennifer Walters’ self-control isn’t always super stable in her Marvel comics either. Although she is usually calmer than her cousin, the lawyer can still be overwhelmed with anger and pose a threat to anyone unlucky enough to be around. As She-Hulk progress, Jennifer’s seemingly perfect powers may gradually resemble the Avengers’ infamous rage monster.

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