Satisfied! Andin slaps Elsa and Mrs. Astri at the same time because of this, Reyna is hysterical

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Previously, it was told that Papa Surya had finally succeeded in persuading Andin to meet his half-sister, Elsa.

Papa Surya really doesn’t want Elsa and Andin to keep fighting, so Papa Surya tries to make them get along.

Long story short, Andin finally allowed Elsa to return to Pondok Pelita.

Andin allowed Elsa to meet him because of Reyna’s request some time ago.

Reyna, who didn’t believe Andin’s statement, asked to meet Elsa in person.

Apparently, Reyna wanted to hear directly from Elsa if what she said some time ago that said Andin was deliberately abandoned at the orphanage was a lie.

Elsa came and met Andin then he started the conversation by apologizing.

Before Elsa had finished speaking, Andin had cut her off by saying that what Andin needed was proof that Elsa had changed.

Not long after, Mrs. Astri arrived to help Reyna understand if what Elsa said was wrong.

Mama Rosa immediately called Reyna who was in her room to meet Elsa and Mrs. Astri.

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This time, Elsa made a scene directly at Reyna’s house by saying that what she said a while ago was the truth.

Instead of helping Reyna heal, Elsa actually scratched Reyna’s inner wound at that time.

Not only that, Mrs. Astri who was expected by Andin to heal Reyna turned out to be on the side of Elsa

Elsa and Andin’s words finally made Andin furious.

Instantly, Andin immediately slapped Elsa and Astri’s cheeks in front of Papa Surya and Mama Rosa.

Andin’s slap this time was so strong that finally Elsa’s cheeks became even more swollen.

Reyna, who saw the incident, immediately became hysterical.

What’s the next story?

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