Rafathar’s attitude makes Raffi Ahmad proud, Fuji’s brother flaunts the purchase of a dream car – NBCNEWS

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The moment Frans Fuji's brother buys a dream car.  (Instagram/opah_faisal)

Rafathar’s attitude when asked to choose mummy, daddy and Cipung made Raffi Ahmad proud.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – The moment Rafathar was told to choose between mummy, daddy and Cipung alias Rayyanza, the conversation became. The reason is that Rafathar gave a very wise answer to make Raffi Ahmad proud. What is the answer?

Frans Faisal was finally able to buy his dream car. The moment Fuji’s sister showed off her dream car, it also managed to steal the attention of netizens on social media.

Jeje Slebew couldn’t hold back his tears when he talked about the video of him getting angry at the Citayam Fashion Week area. Jeje Slebew apologized for the video.

The news above includes the top 5 most popular news NBCNEWS.LIVE on Saturday (30/7/2022). Here is the review!

1. Asked to choose Mama, Papa or Cipung, Rafathar’s answer makes Raffi Ahmad proud

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s family. (Instagram/@raffinagita1717)

Raffi Ahmad just made podcast along with his two sons namely Rafathar Malik Ahmad and Rayyanza Malik Ahmad. Various moments of podcast father and son managed to steal the spotlight.

One of the widely discussed moments on social media is when Rafathar was asked to choose between Nagita Slavina, Raffi Ahmad and Cipung alias Rayyanza. Because Rafathar gave an interesting answer.

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2. 8 moments Frans Fuji’s brother buys a dream car and becomes more successful despite claiming to be unemployed

The moment Frans Fuji’s brother buys a dream car. (Instagram/opah_faisal)

Frans Faisal is the younger brother of the late aunt Andriansyah and the second child of Haji Faisal and Dewi Zuhriati. Unlike his two younger siblings, Fadly Faisal and Fuji, Frans is rarely in the limelight.

Nor did he follow his two younger siblings who plunged into the world of entertainment. Frans prefers to run the business he and his sister started, one of which is Vanessa Wear. Not long ago, the quiet figure of Frans made the public jealous because he managed to leave his dream car.

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3. While crying, Jeje Slebew finally opened his voice about the Angry Video: I’m Sorry

Hey Slebew.  (Instagram/@jejelines)
Hey Slebew. (Instagram/@jejelines)

Jeje Slebew opened up about the video of him getting angry at the Citayam fashion week. Crying, Jeje Slebew apologized for the video that went viral on social media.

Jeje Slebew admitted that he did not mean to hurt anyone for his behavior in the video that has been doing the rounds. He did not forget to express his gratitude to those who have supported him so far.

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4. Visit Anies Baswedan’s child’s wedding, Ridwan Kamil’s glowing face makes you curious: What skin care do you use?

Ridwan Kamil and his adopted son Arkana together (instagram/@arkanaidan)
Ridwan Kamil and his adopted son Arkana together (instagram/@arkanaidan)

Mutiara Annisa Baswedan officially married a man named Ali Saleh Alhuraiby on Friday (29/7/2022). The wedding reception of the eldest daughter of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan was also attended by a number of public figures, one of whom was Ridwan Kamil.

In particular, Ridwan Kamil uploaded a short video showing the moment he visited Mutiara Baswedan’s wedding. Accompanied by Atalia Kamil, the governor of West Java looked dashing in a tuxedo.

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5. Jefri Nichol Secretly Participates In Suro’s 1st Night Ritual, The Linked Girl Makes Curious

Jefri Nichol joins the 1 suro night ritual.  (Instagram/junitalandrat)
Jefri Nichol joins the 1 suro night ritual. (Instagram/junitalandrat)

Jefri Nichol brings shocking news. He secretly participated in the series of events of the 1st night of Suro held on July 30, 2022.

Jefri Nichol reportedly attended the 1 suro night event in Surakarta with a woman he is currently dating, Rania Maheswari Yamin alias Rania Yamin.

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