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Quentin Tarantino directed a two-part episode of CSI during its fifth season, and here’s his “Grave Danger” outing explained. CSI debuted in 2000 and helped usher in a new era of shiny procedures. The series followed a group of crime scene investigators who used science and technology to investigate cases, and its slick cinematic sheen set it apart from the more traditional thriller shows of the era. CSI eventually ran for 15 seasons and spawned several spin-offs such as: CSI: Miami with David Caruso – who retired when the show ended – and New York.

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The franchise seemed to be coming to an end in 2015 with the ending of the original CSIbut it was later revived in 2021 with CSI: Vegas. The series was all over the place in the early 2000s, with Quentin Tarantino becoming a fan after watching episodes while filming Kill Bill. He also praised William Peterson’s work as Gil Grissom and called him one of the best detective characters on TV. Tarantino was later invited to direct an episode, which evolved into the season 5 finale “Grave Danger.”


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CSIs “Grave Danger” begins with Nick (George Eads) being called to examine a pile of entrails left in an alleyway, and he is soon kidnapped by a mysterious assailant and buried alive in a glass coffin. The kidnapper demands a ransom for Nick’s release and the team must race against time to save his life before he runs out of air. “Grave Danger” marked Tarantino’s – who came in Little Nicky – return to television after an episode of er and it remains – to date – his last battle as a TV director.

Serious danger was Tarantino’s tense twin

Needless to say, CSIs “Grave Danger” received a warm critical reception, with Tarantino making one of the most intense episodes of the entire series. For the most part, “Grave Danger” feels like a run-of-the-mill outing, but it’s filled with Tarantino stuff like random board game dialogue or cameos from Hollywood greats like Tony Curtis and John Saxon. However, some of the director’s habits occasionally come across, such as a hallucination scene where Nick imagines himself being horribly dissected on an autopsy table.

That being said, CSIs “Grave Danger” acts as an intense little thriller, with the plot mimicking the funeral ordeal of The Bride (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill Vol 2. Tarantino milks the screenplay for all its worth in his CSI – where Taylor Swift once appeared – outing, with the episode being a tough ride for claustrophobic viewers, especially when ants invade Nick’s coffin. Another highlight is Eads’ dedicated performance, where he often has to convey overwhelming fear and panic with little to no dialogue, and the episode really earns its emotional escape in the finale.

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