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Few things can make the death of a family member more tragic, but alas, night wing managed to find them na Jason Todd’s dead. When Jason Todd died in A death in the family it sent shockwaves through the Bat family, and when Nightwing found out, just about everything that could have gone wrong happened.

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After Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing and focus more on the Titans, Batman met an orphan on the streets of Gotham named Jason Todd. Needing a new partner and wanting to give Jason a better path, he hired him and started training him as the new Robin, something Nightwing seemed apprehensive about at first and even admonished Bruce for the little training Jason seems to have. . Eventually, Dick takes on a more mentoring role and Jason even dons his old Robin costume, as seen in White gold and truth. The few interactions between Nightwing and Jason make it all the more tragic that readers never really got to see their friendship. Solution would be the last time they saw each other before Jason’s untimely death. At the time of his death, Dick was in space, on the planet Tamaran, which explains why Bruce couldn’t contact him when it happened, but it doesn’t explain why Bruce didn’t contact him at all.


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In New Teen Titans #55 by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Nightwing learned of Jason’s death through a mutual Titan, the ever arrogant and heartless Danny Chase. Nightwing would later use Jason’s death to fire Danny. Nightwing was, understandably in shock when he found out, and after expressing his anger at Danny Chase brutally revealing Jason’s death, he visited Bruce, where after a heated argument Bruce would punch Nightwing in the face, claiming that he didn’t need or want it. another partner ever again.

Batman meets Nightwing over the death of Jason Todd.

After Jason’s death, Dick’s relationship with Batman became difficult and Dick struggled a lot with grief and anger. Adding to the trauma is that it stole Jason Todd’s heroic fate from him. In Joker: Last Laugh #6 after Joker mentions how hard he hit Jason, Dick responds by beating Joker to death with his bare hands. Joker is eventually resuscitated by Batman, but it still shows the mental place Dick was in when he willingly and easily broke the Bat family’s most important rule: No Killing. The trauma of Jason’s death stayed with Nightwing for a long time, he felt that since he left Robin’s position, Jason had to take on the mantle that lined him up to be killed. Since Nightwing was a trained acrobat long before he became Robin, he felt that his quick thinking had given him a better chance than Jason, who was just a kid on the street.

Jason’s death and the events surrounding it were so traumatic that when Nightwing was infested with fear venom, one of the central themes of his nightmare was Jason’s death, as depicted in Night Wing #10. Happy after Jason’s revival, he and night wing have been given the opportunity to nurture a true brotherly friendship.

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