Insinuated that he couldn’t enter the Lightning Family because of his fashion style, Fuji’s reaction was very bad! – NBCNEWS

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Netizens called Fuji's clothing style (Instagram/@mamamince_hitsss_)

A netizen slammed Fuji for wearing shorts and attributed it to the blessing of the Halilintar family.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Apparently, Fuji has not yet met with the Halilintar family. This led a number of netizens to speculate about the blessing of the Halilintar family for Fuji’s romantic relationship with Tariq Halilintar.

Not long ago, there was a netizen who satirized Fuji. In his comments, the netizen accused the late aunt Ardiansyah’s sister of not being accepted by the Halilintar family because of her style of dress.

Oh Fuji, the pants are very short, it is amused. What can be included in the GH family (Gen Halilintar),” one netizen wrote.

Lightning Gene (YouTube/AH)

Upon hearing this, Fuji gave a very good response to answer the curious netizen.

“My family accepts me just as I am. Are you ready?” Fuji replied quoting from the Instagram account @mamamince_hitsss_ on Saturday (30/7/2022).

Netizens called Fuji’s clothing style (Instagram/@mamamince_hitsss_)

Many other netizens also defended Fuji after being teased about his fashion style.

“Cool Uty,” wrote one netizen. “Aurel also dressed like that,” another netizen said. “Fuji is still young,” another netizen said.

As additional information, Lenggogeni Faruk argued when asked about Fuji some time ago.

“Check out Gen Halilintar’s YouTube, we have a surprise there. So there are no spoilers,” Lenggogeni Faruk said.

Portrait of Fuji and Tariq Halilintar with matching outfits (instagram/@fuji_an/@thariqhalilintar)
Fuji and Tariq Halilintar. (instagram/@fuji_an/@thariqhalilintar)

Meanwhile, Fuji previously stated that he does not want to wear the hijab due to coercion.

“Because Uty is not ready to wear the hijab, so don’t force it. I don’t wear hijab because I’m beautiful, but because it’s God’s calling,” she said.

However, Fuji revealed that one day he will wear the hijab when he is married.

“But I promised that if I have 3 children, I want to wear a hijab,” Fuji concluded, judging by YouTube WAW Entertainment.


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