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A BRIT model has been left furious after her prosthetic limb was airbrushed during a body positivity campaign and her photo was taken without permission.

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Sian Green-Lord said the move was “more than wrong” and left her “trembling with rage”.

A British body positivity model said her photo was taken without permission and airbrushed to hide her prosthetic leg


A British body positivity model said her photo was taken without permission and airbrushed to hide her prosthetic legCredit: The Ministry of Equality
Leicester's Sian Green-Lord said the edit was 'more than wrong'


Leicester’s Sian Green-Lord said the edit was ‘more than wrong’Credit: Instagram

The Spanish Ministry of Equality recently published an ad showing five women of different ages, shapes and sizes relaxing on a beach, captioned: “Summer is ours too”.

Sian – a mother-of-one and motivational speaker – shared her disappointment in an Instagram video.

She said: “I don’t even know how to explain the amount of anger I’m feeling right now.

“One of my friends has just brought to my attention that the Spanish government is using my image for a body positivity campaign, but they have removed my prosthetic leg.

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“I’m literally shaking. I am so angry.”

The Leicester-based body positivity model added: “There is one thing that is using my image without my permission. But there is something else that works my body.

“My body, with my prosthetic leg. Oh my God, I tremble. I literally don’t even know what to say, but it’s more than wrong.’”

Sian had her leg amputated when she was 24 after being run over by a taxi while on vacation in New York.

She was eating a hot dog with a friend when the yellow taxi climbed the curb and ran into her.

The bottom line is that two more women who appeared in the campaign said their photos were taken without permission.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams, 30, can be seen in a gold bikini in the image.

She said the photo was taken from her Instagram page and edited without her permission.

She told the Subway“It’s just a reminder that as a black woman my body is still controlled and as women in general our bodies are still not ours.”

She said the artist behind the campaign has since contacted her and offered to pay her, but she has not heard from the Spanish government yet.

Raissa Galvão, a Brazilian model, also claims that her image has been stolen.

The campaign was launched earlier this month by the Ministry and the Institute for Women.

It was intended to address “fat phobia, hatred and questioning of non-normative bodies,” the Institute said last week.

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Arte Mapache, who designed the poster, has since apologized on Twitter and said she would pay the models involved.

The Sun online had contacted the Ministry of Equality for comment.

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