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Wenny Ariani was disappointed that Rezky Aditya filed an appeal.  (Instagram/@wenny_kekey_real)

Wenny Ariani was informed by his lawyer of the news that Rezky Aditya had filed an appeal.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Looks like the child controversy between Rezky Aditya and Wenny Ariani has not come to light. Admitted that he was ready to do a DNA test, now Rezky Aditya is reportedly filing an appeal.

The news was conveyed by Wenny Ariani’s lawyer via WhatsApp message. Wenny also admitted that he was disappointed because of the possibility of another failed DNA test between Rezky Aditya and his daughter.

“Assalamualaikum, madam. I got information that Rezky’s party filed an appeal,” wrote Ferry Aswan as Wenny Ariani’s lawyer via WhatsApp message.

Wennie Ariani. (YouTube/MAIA ALELDUL TV)

“From whom, sir,” Wenny Ariani replied in a conversation he shared via Instagram Story on Friday (7/29/2022).

“From the media,” replied Ferry Aswan.

With the knowledge of the news that could not be confirmed, Wenny Ariani was very disappointed. The decision to file an appeal means stalling the DNA test which was previously agreed by Rezky Aditya’s side when he wanted to provide clarification some time ago.

Wenny Ariani was disappointed that Rezky Aditya filed an appeal. (Instagram/@wenny_kekey_real)

Couldn’t take the DNA TEST. mahaa iyeu @aliciametrofarm @rusidanto,” Wenny Ariani added in the caption of his upload.

This is news, not a HOAX“Said Wenny Ariani again with the upload.

Along with the news that Rezky Aditya filed an appeal, Wenny Ariani made other content. He offended people whose words could not be contained in the content.

“Your speech is like an eel, slippery, you can’t hold it,” said Wenny Ariani, mimicking the voice commonly made by user content on social media.

Wenny Ariani and Rezky Aditya (Youtube.com)
Wenny Ariani and Rezky Aditya (Youtube.com)

Wenny Ariani’s upload also garnered several comments from netizens. Unfortunately, not a few netizens actually wrote a warning to Wenny Ariani.

Oh God, please teach your daughter how to be a good girl, later when netizens comment on them, netizens say this, that’s it, the attitude of aunties is not appropriate, it is not appropriate.” remarked a netizen who was ignored by Wenny Ariani.

Meanwhile, Wenny previously won an appeal in the Banten High Court (PT) and Rezky Aditya admitted that he is ready to undergo a DNA test with Naira Kaemita Sasmita alias Kekey, who is suspected to be his daughter.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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