‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in the Disney+ Series

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series surprises all its fans in its third season by mixing things up and taking a turn in the direction of another classic Disney Original. While the previous two seasons focused on East High students venturing into the world of musical theater against their preconceived notions and prejudices, and overcoming evil competition in high schools, this season takes the students away from the high school environment, and on holiday. Going on vacation sounds a lot like the plot of the second High School MusicalInstead of all going to work during the summer vacation, the Wildcats go on summer camp. During the two-week camp, the Wildcats and their fellow campers compete for roles in a production of Frozen. While this could be considered a reminder of High School Musical 2this season is undoubtedly Camp RockLike it. While it’s a bit different from the show’s original concept, the third season still seems to offer a funny and nostalgic season before the students head back to high school.

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Here’s everyone you need to remember on your way to Season 3 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Watch the official season 3 trailer here.

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Sofia Wylie as Gina

While the show’s first season Gina (Sofia Wylie) taking on the role of the ‘evil new girl’ with all the fast dance moves and experience, vying for the lead role, she has slowly grown into a much more likable character with complex emotions. In the first season, we found that much of Gina’s abruptness and often lack of social skills stemmed from the fact that she was moved and never given the proper opportunity to form lasting friendships. Gina finally feels safe with her friendships at East High, feels stable and doesn’t want to leave. What started as a friendship that grew out of being Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) and Ricky’s (Joshua Bassett) understudies, EJ (Matt Cornett) and Gina became close friends, finally making their relationship official by the end of the second season.

Before her appearance in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Sofia Wylie may have been featured in the Disney shows Andi Mackor shook. Wylie is also featured in the upcoming movie directed by Paul Feig, The school for good and evil.

Matt Cornett as EJ

While EJ (Matt Cornett) fit the description of and would have been a great Troy Bolton in the school production of High School MusicalUnfortunately, he became more of a “Ryan” and instead lost the role to then-skater boy, Ricky. At the same time, EJ also slowly lost interest from his new girlfriend, Nini, as her past and history with Ricky was rekindled by working so closely together. EJ is known as the charismatic high school senior in the first and second seasons. As a senior in high school, EJ is all about making time with his friends count before he heads off to college.

Matt Cornett perhaps seen differently in his recurring role as Ryan in Life in pieces, as well as in the Disney+ Original Zombies 3.

Joshua Bassett as Ricky

In the first two seasons of High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesRicky (Joshua Bassett)’s storyline was deeply attached to his romantic pursuits with his ex-girlfriend Nini, who was already out of their relationship at the start of the series. After discovering that he loved musical theater and despite it not being as obvious to some of the other students as it was to some other students, Ricky stuck with it, along with his best friend Big Red (Larry Sapperstein). In the third season, Ricky may find himself in a different love triangle as his growing friendship with Gina causes friction with EJ.

Outside of his acting career, Joshua Bassett has focused on his solo music career, with the most notable songs being ‘Set Me Free’, ‘Secret’ and ‘Doppelganger’.

Olivia Rodrigo as Nini

Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) has been most focused on her musical talent from the start and making as much progress as possible. While mustering the courage to go after the lead role was a big part of the anxiety surrounding the first season for Nini, the second season saw her move to a school especially for music students. Finally Nini and Ricky’s storyline ends, Nini advancing her music career and possible romantic future with Jamie (Jordan Fishero). Unfortunately for the fans, Nini will have a recurring role in the third season.

Although Olivia Rodrigo may have appeared in the Disney series weird pigshe is most recognized for her solo music career and the speculated HSMTMTS-related relationship drama that provided inspiration for it. You’ve probably heard her songs “Drivers License,” “Good 4 U,” and “Brutal.”

Julia Lester as Ashlyn

The live theater enthusiast of the show Ashlyn (Julia Lester), returns to High School Musical: The Musical: The Seriesthe third season. Although Ashlyn was not originally close friends with the others who auditioned for the musical, her cousin EJ helped her form new friendships. Ashlyn’s confidence and assertiveness grew when she landed the lead role in the second season’s musical performance, Beauty and the Beast. Ashlyn happily joins the crew and her friends as they head off to Camp Shallow Lake in season three.

Before HSMTMTSJulia Lester is likely to be featured in her recurring role as Emily in Momas well as Suzie in Netflix’s Prince of Peoria.

Frankie A. Rodriquez as Carlos

Carlos started out as Miss Jen’s number one assistant and choreographer. He went beyond being an outsider to the group and has now become part of the theater gang through his shared interests in High School Musical and general bonding. Really showing how much he is valued within the theater group was the ‘quinceanera’ they all threw in Carlos’s honour. In the third season, he develops a special bond with Ricky as they practice for ‘Frozen’.

Frankie A. Rodriguez maybe seen differently as Mick in the tv show I’m fineor Eduardo in Modern family. More recently, he also appeared in an episode of the rebooted Will & Grace series.

Dara Renee as Kourtney

Though originally Nini’s best friend and biggest supporter, previous seasons have shown the audience that Kourtney is more than a supportive friend. While Kourtney is mostly behind the scenes focusing on the fashion and costumes needed for the musical, when she got the chance to sing in the second season, she blew audiences away. After her bigger role and more focus on the main character in the second season, Kourtney will probably be featured more in the third season.

Dara Renee is most likely to be seen in her recurring role as Stunts in blackishas well as Fairy in My Stepfather’s Secretand Janice in Grey’s Anatomy.

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Special guests

Even though the kids are on summer vacation, Miss Jenn played on Kate Reinders would reportedly still be appearing in the third season.

While the cast of the series mainly includes recurring characters, special guests are not new to the series. In the first season, Lucas Grabeel who played Ryan in the original? High School Musical trilogy, made a guest appearance as a vision, which Miss Jenn had when she needed a boost and a reminder of her talent. Likewise, the second season featured the famous ballroom dancer Derek Houghwho played a recurring character in the second season, as Miss Jenn’s ex-boyfriend and North High’s drama teacher.

Next season, another ex-High School Musical star Corbin Blue, makes a guest appearance at the school camp. In a similar vein, Disney has brought in Jason Earlesthe Hannah Montana star to play the camp director of Camp Shallow Lake. The show will also have special features, including: Jojo Siwa (dance moms), Jesse Tyler Ferguson famous for Modern familyand Meg Donnelly from the Disney Original film series zombies. This season also welcome Saylor Bellwho is presented as an experienced camp leader.

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