Good Divorce, Nathalie Holscher Talks About Converts & Sule Guidance

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Nathalie Holscher’s decision to divorce Sule has been firmly chosen. Although the two of them had mediation at the Cikarang Religious Court, the household which had only been running for two years agreed to end.

Before getting married, Nathalie had believed that Sule was a good mentor for her. He also remembers that his current status as a convert is due to his marriage to Sule.

“I’m a bucin person, yes. At that time I was a convert too, so I believed he could guide me,” said Nathalie Holscher while crying at the FYP Trans7 event.

Not only as a mentor, Nathalie also accepted Sule because she felt that the comedian was a man who could listen to her complaints. Moreover, Nathalie has been without her parents for a long time and has to divide her time to take care of her younger siblings.

“Yes (want to have a companion to share the taste),” he said.

But unfortunately, his expectations did not match the reality. Nathalie has been trying to adapt to the Sule family all this time, but in fact it doesn’t work.

“For me, this is all the efforts that I give the best for as long as I live. Yes (the effort is more),” concluded the woman who had worked as a DJ.


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