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Emily Bieberly makes “bigCareer moves according to the 90 day fiance the latest Instagram announcement from season 9 cast member. Emily, 29, and her Cameroon-born fiancé Kobe Blaise are among the most talked about couples on the TLC show because of their problematic storyline. Emily met Kobe on a night out in China and the couple hooked up without predicting their future. They were soon engaged and within a few weeks Emily found out she was pregnant before flying back to Salina, Kansas and Kobe going to his home country. It took Emily and Kobe two years to reunite 90 day fiance.

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Their son Koban was already 17 months old at the time. When Emily and Kobe started arguing about parenting and money, they realized they were pregnant again. Emily stayed with her parents in Kansas with Koban, and was joined by Kobe, who was unable to work in the US for a while. Still, Kobe was concerned about his growing family and, with the help of his community, started looking for jobs in Ohio. lives there. But Emily, who had already kept her new pregnancy a secret from her family, didn’t want to move to a smaller apartment. 90 day fiance celeb Emily’s father was already financially taking care of her and her soon-to-be husband and son and was going to pay for the wedding.

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Fans know Emily for being straight and having a careless attitude on the show. But it seems things changed after Emily finished filming 90 day fiance. The 29-year-old has recently lost a lot of weight and she shows it in mirror selfies on Instagram. In a recent Instagram story (via Reddit user you/Pilot International57,) Emily shared a new photo of herself sitting in a car wearing wet hair with sunglasses. Emily captioned her photo with, “show up at meetings with wet hairand an upside down laughing emoji. Emily then teased her Instagram followers by adding:Big things are coming” accompanied by an emoji that can’t hurt.

Fans first noticed that Emily didn’t look like she was dressed appropriately for a meeting. In addition to her damp hair, Emily in the photo was also wearing a sports bra. Others claimed not to recognize Emily and accused her of Photoshopping her face to look slimmer. They also tried to deduce where Emily was by looking at the reflection in her animal-printed shades. Many fans assume that Emily is unable to have a job and may be trying to become an influencer with her newfound fame thanks to reality TV. But only time will tell what 90 day fiance star Emily has her sleeves up because she claims it’s “bignews that she is hiding.

Emily was working as an English teacher in China when she met Kobe, who was then working as an international underwear model. When Emily became pregnant and returned to Kansas, she started her own daycare two years ago. However, the work may have been a backseat for Emily as she gave birth to Koban and started caring for the growing baby. With a second baby in the picture, Emily’s hands would certainly be full to stay a nanny. Fans blame Emily’s parents for enabling her party girl behavior when she was growing up. But now that 90 day fiance couple Emily and Kobe may be married and have two children, maybe her outlook on work may have changed.

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Source: Emily Bieberly/Instagram, you/Pilot International57/reddit

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