Cause of Death for Wayne Hawkins, the Original Raider What Happened to Him? Dead at 84 – NBCNEWS

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Wayne Hawkins

Cause of Death for Wayne Hawkins, the Original Raider What Happened to Him? Dead at 84

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Wayne Hawkins, a first-time player of the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders, died tragically at the age of 84. He was an AFL All-Star five times. The news of Wayne’s passing has saddened many. The internet is full of condolence messages and tributes. People who care about him come out to give him sincere obeisances and respect. In addition, it seems that internet users are also investigating the cause of death of Wayne Hawkins. In this article, let’s take a look at what happened to Hawkins, how he died, and some background information.

Not much information is known about Wayne Hawkins’ death at this time, other than that he passed away at the age of 84. According to the consensus, he must have died of natural causes. Wayne must have health issues as he was in his late 80s. However, it has not yet received any formal confirmation, which is why it is not certain at this time. As followers come forward and share their grief over his passing on their personal social media profiles, tributes and RIP messages have flooded the internet.

Wayne Hawkins

Wayne Hawkins: Who Was He?

Born in Jordan on June 17, 1938, Hawkins attended Redding High School in Shasta County, California. He participated in college football at Pacific University. The Denver Broncos reportedly chose Hawkins in the 1960 American Football League draft. After that, Wayne continued to play in the AFL for the remaining 10 years, eventually becoming one of only 20 players to do so. He was a strong player who played ten seasons with the Raiders and played a total of 136 games. His wife said he had about 20 concussions. According to reports, he allegedly hit his head against the goal post during a game, but continued to play.

The crew learned that Wayne had broken his jaw the next day. When discussing the 20 players who played in each of the 10 AFL seasons, names like Tom Flores, Jim Otto, Wayne Hawkins and many others come to mind. They were all Raiders colleagues. In 2021, Sports Illustrated referred to him as the Oakland Raiders player who turned the team into a professional football powerhouse in the 1960s, but went largely unnoticed and undervalued. People use social media to pay him respects and send condolences in response to his tragic death, which has touched many people’s emotions. With this we also honor his soul. For additional updates, follow.

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