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Bonge poses in a luxury car with a beautiful license plate [Instagram/bonge_real]

The prosecutor’s office invites Bonge to become an ambassador.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – The popularity of Bonge ABG Citayam as an icon of Citayam Fashion Week began to be noticed by the Attorney General’s office. Recently, Bonge was invited to become a prosecutor’s ambassador. Did Bonge accept the invitation?

It all started with the moment the Office of the Attorney General visited the Dukuh Atas area, Central Jakarta, which became a hangout for Bonge and other ABG Citayam. The location is also the venue for the Citayam Fashion Week, which has become a recent phenomenon.

Prosecutors then met Bonge during the visit. They initially inquired about the popularity of the teenager, whose full name is Eka Satria Putra, who had recently skyrocketed.

“Nge, you have a lot of fans now? Surely many artists give money?” said one of the officers quoted from the Indonesian lawyer’s Instagram on Saturday (30/7/2022).

Bonge becomes the Prosecutor’s Ambassador [Instagram/@kejaksaan.RI]

Without mentioning the nominal, Bonge expressed his thanks for the interview. This money will apparently be added to the prosecutor’s office with a note that Bonge wants to be the Attorney’s Ambassador.

“We will also give you a bonus later. But you have to be the Prosecutor’s Ambassador, right?” said the prosecutor.

Bonge reassured them by saying: “Yes, God willing, sir.”

Bonge poses in a luxury car with a beautiful license plate [Instagram/bonge_real]

Being an ambassador for the prosecutor’s office is not just a stamp. Bonge has at least two duties when he holds the title of Ambassador of the Prosecutor’s Office.

First, Bonge is tasked with providing support to people to comply with local regulations. For example, the rules do not litter.

Bonge accepted the challenge. In fact, he said without being an ambassador for the prosecutor’s office, he has already done the job.

Citayam Fashion Week Dates Transformation (TikTok@bonge)
Bonge with ABG Citayam. ([email protected])

“(Bonge) picks up garbage. (His appeal) is to keep it clean, don’t litter. Don’t forget to wear a mask,” said Bonge.

Another task is to provide socialization for Citayam Fashion Week teenagers to obey the law.

“You can be creative, as long as you don’t break the law,” said the prosecutor.

Bonge, confidently able to do it again. “Yes, God willing,” said Bonge.


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