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After posting an Instagram ad with a baby car seat, some fans are speculating that former lead of The Bachelor Matt James is indirectly announcing the pregnancy of girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell. Matt and Rachael first met us The Bachelor season 25, when they both traveled to Nemacolin, Pennsylvania, in hopes of finding love. Matt and Rachael formed a quick connection, which led to Rachael receiving Matt’s final rose during the final over runner-up Michelle Young. While Matt and Rachael did not become engaged, they did leave the show as a couple.

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Sometime after Rachael received the final rose, several photos resurfaced online of Rachael participating in racially insensitive activities such as a plantation party. After Matt found out, the two ended their relationship and were not together during the filming of the After The Final Rose ceremony. However, Matt and Rachael eventually worked through things and got back together, and they have been going strong as a couple ever since. Matt has admitted that he believes the two have such a strong relationship now that they keep their distance from Bachelor Nation.


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In a recent ad on Instagram, Matt has caused several fans to believe that he and Rachael may be expecting a child, after he happily puts a baby car seat in his car at the end of the video. The video appears to be a sponsorship deal with Nissan, as Matt promotes the Nissan Altima by driving it around for errands while demonstrating its efficiency. At the end of the video, fans noticed Matt taking flowers inside after finishing his errands, supposedly to give them to Rachael. Matt then comes out smiling with a baby car seat, where he straps it in as the video ends.

Many fans were quick to comment their theories, with the fan account The Bitchelorette writing “baby car seat?”. Others followed by saying that they believed this was Matt’s subtle way of possibly announcing Rachael being pregnant. Several others shared their support for Matt and Rachael, telling the couple that they would make great parents. The entirety of the comment section quickly filled up with questions about the car seat specifically, as opposed to the rest of the video.

Of course while many were quick to speculate a possibly pregnancy as a result of the car seat, it is also possible that this may just be a standard part of the ad. However, if the pregnancy is true, Matt and Rachael would join several others Bachelor Nation stars in the process of becoming new parents. Tia Booth, who appeared on The Bachelor season 22 as well as several seasons of Bachelor in Paradise recently announced her pregnancy, with fiancé Taylor Mock. Nevertheless, fans are certainly curious to see whether this ad was a coincidence, or a very indirect pregnancy announcement from Matt and Rachael.

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Source: Matt James/Instagram, The Bitchelorette/Instagram

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