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Atien Simon or who is affectionately known as Aunt Atien is known as an up and coming celebrity. Not infrequently, she is predicted to be a fierce competitor to Aunt Ernie.

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Not unlike Aunt Ernie, Atien Simon is also referred to as a hot mother of a woman uniting the nation.

His series of portraits on Instagram illustrate his true charm.

Even though she’s not young anymore, Aunt Atien is no less sexy than teenage girls.

Slim height, seductively beautiful face, slender body, smooth fair skin and above all, body goals that make young women insecure.

Instagram @atiensimon

Like her recent portrait upload to Instagram @atiensimon, Aunt Atien appeared in a white 3/4 tank top.

His appearance is getting sexier with a mix of hot pants made from super short jeans. In combination with his unique smile.

In her statement, Aunt Atien who showed off her flat stomach greeted her followers who were out on the weekend.

Several comments made by netizens. Not a few of them were stunned by the celebgram’s 450,000-follower body goals.

“Most like to see his expression when he smiles like that,” said @dargo***.

“Bright smile,” @yus*** greeted. (dawn/dawn)


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