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Just three months after season 2’s release, Deadline reported that Amazon Prime’s The Wilds would not return for a third season. One of the first young adult series on the platform, the series focused on a group of girls who find themselves on a seemingly isolated and abandoned island. The second season introduced a group of boys who find themselves in similar circumstances unbeknownst to each other with mixed reactions from audiences (per Collider).

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While the first season received critical and fan praise for being a coming-of-age thriller featuring queer and BIPOC girls, the second season received mixed reviews for its new characters and convoluted storyline. Throughout the series, the series worked hard to create a lost-like thriller that often teased audiences and kept them guessing. Now that season 2’s finale has become the series finale, there are a number of questions left unanswered after its cancellation.


9 What happened to Nora?

The Wilds Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Nora Alive

Nora, the shy and strong central character of the first season, is revealed to be an informant to the team organizing the Dawn of Eve project, communicating with them concerning the other girls. After Leah discovers the truth and prepares to confront her, Nora sacrifices herself to rescue her twin sister from a shark.

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Presumed dead, the girls organize a funeral for her. She was later revealed to be watching the girls through Gretchen’s camera. The question is now how the team was able to rescue Nora from the ocean as well as what happens to her now that her role has been compromised. In order to preserve the project, audiences can assume she does not return to the other girls, but the question remains whether she continues to watch them silently or returns home. Moreover, when Leah contacts authorities and Gretchen flees, Nora’s location is still in question.

8 How Many Phases Were in Gretchen’s Dawn of Eve project?

The Wilds Season 2 Gretchen

Gretchen, a The Wilds character likely to survive the Hunger Games, organized Dawn of Eve in an attempt to unethically prove a women-run world would be better and discloses that they were preparing to move onto phase 3 of the project. While Gretchen is no longer based at the headquarters and has Seth and others working for her, many fans presume that the third phase would gather the groups of boys and girls together at the headquarters with Gretchen communicating with them remotely.

Despite it being revealed that Leah’s parents knew she would be involved in a three-month project through flashbacks, the question remains on whether or not the phases would be completed in three months. Moreover, while fans have speculated what the third phase would be, they do not have confirmation on phase 3 and the other phases remain a mystery.

7 Who Were Gretchen’s New “Eyes On The Ground”?

Shelby The Wilds

Gretchen and her team flee at the end of the season, leaving the kids alone on the island. However, she promises that she will continue to keep track of the kids through telecommunication as well as “eyes on the ground” alluding to the fact that there are others on the island, like Nora, who are going to keep Gretchen informed.

When Gretchen mentions the “eyes on the ground,” a close-up of Shelby’s face is shown hinting to audiences that perhaps she has joined Gretchen’s side due to the fact that she feels less eager to leave the island. Exploring Shelby’s potential new role would have been interesting to see and whether or not she would sabotage the girls in order to stay. The other theory would have Josh, considered one of the best new The Wilds characters, also working with Gretchen.

6 How Far Will Their Desperation Go?

Leah at the beach drained

At the end of the second season, the girls and boys are held together in closed facilities after living in the wilds for the longest time. While phase three would have presumably kept the boys and girls living together, the team is no longer at the station to prevent them from finding a way to escape.

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The third season could have explored whether or not they chose to remain in the safe facilities or whether or not they chose to escape any confines of the experiment and attempt to live in the wild leaving audiences with the question of how many more would have died. Moreover, their pain and frustration reveal that they are willing to do anything to escape the island potentially leading to darker moments for the characters.

5 Will Seth Torture The Groups?

Seth with a hood over his head in a scene from The Wilds.

In a shocking twist The Wilds season 2, Seth is revealed to be working with Gretchen towards the end of the second season, much like Nora. However, contrary to Nora’s kind demeanor that never meant to harm the girls, Seth’s characteristically antagonistic ways can be noted through the way he hurts several members of the group of boys. It was revealed at the end that he was the only one left in the control room.

Now that Seth is left alone in the control room, he has the power to torture the groups in even worse ways and inflict more pain on the characters. Despite being a secondary antagonist in the second season, his position of power could have influenced the way the rest of the series went, especially since he will be the first person working for the experiment found if the FBI finds them.

4 Will The FBI Ever Find Them?

The Girls in the wilds getting rescued

After Devon, Gretchen’s son, reveals the information about the project after having to fake his own death, Leah and Ian are able to contact FBI officials resulting in Gretchen and the team fleeing. However, Devon appears apologetic to his mother bringing into question the information that Devon provided and whether he truly is against his mother or if he is in a secret alliance with his mother.

Moreover, he joins the rest of the team on the private plane. The rest of the show would have potentially brought in the FBI and their interrogation of the boys and girls who are the only remaining evidence of the project on the island.

3 Does Gretchen Ever Face The Consequences For The Project?

The Wilds Season 2 Gretchen Phase 3

Gretchen’s project Dawn of Eve is both arguably immoral and inaccurate in the scientific world and makes her one of the wilds’ least likable characters. Despite fleeing the island and taking with her all of the evidence, Gretchen’s crimes could potentially have her spend the rest of her life in prison. Not only do certain girls die on the island, but most of the kids are also minors who did not consent to participate in the project.

The latter seasons would most likely follow Gretchen as well as her attempts to evade the FBI as well as potentially suffering the consequences of her actions. More than likely, the results of her experiments would be disregarded for her inaccurate experimental process and its moral issues.

2 How Would The Boys and The Girls Have Worked Together?

The Wilds Season 2 Boys

Audiences did not get the chance to see the boys and the girls spend time together on the island leaving many to wonder how the two groups would have gotten along with one another. In order to prove her hypothesis, Gretchen made circumstances more difficult for the boys who might experience frustration at the girls’ experience on the island.

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In addition to the potential foreseeable conflict between the groups, the compounding of the groups would have also introduced the concept of heterosexual relationships to the groups as well as emphasized the queer elements of certain characters. Toni and Shelby had broken up at the end of the second season but potentially could have rekindled their strong connection with the introduction of new characters.

1 How Do They Ever Get Off The Island?

The Wilds Season 2 Ending Boys Girls Island

When the group realizes that they are stuck on the island with Gretchen and her team, their helplessness is seen through their visceral pain at their inability to escape. Hopes of rescue from their FBI contact are limited considering Devon has questionable alliances and Seth could easily manipulate them to keep them on the island.

The later seasons would see the characters lose desperation at their lack of rescue or perhaps having to adjust back to the real world after they escape. Furthermore, the group could split up and find rescue while others find themselves stuck, perhaps by Shelby’s doing.

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