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While himbo is a term not much heard or used until the very recent past, it has become a term of endearment for many beloved male fictional characters. A himbo is a man who is generally very muscular and conventionally attractive, but who is also not super smart and a little naive. Another important part of the himbo is that he should respect women and not be a jerk.

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In the MCU, fans generally talk about and see Steve Rogers and Thor as the two biggest himbos in the franchise. They are both ripped, attractive men who are seen as sweethearts. And while they are not always stupid, they often tend to act without thinking and are driven more by their emotions and impulses than by their brains.


Captain America

“I understood that reference.”

Steve Rogers says: "I understood that reference at the table in The Avengers

The MCU is known for its many pop culture references and jokes that sometimes make Cap feel left out. While he’s doing his best to catch up with the modern world, he’s leaving the 40s behind with a lot to catch up on.

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When the heroes first gather The Avengers, it’s clear that Cap has trouble understanding all these jokes. When Thor admits he doesn’t understand a reference about “flying monkeys,” Cap is a little too excited to finally get one.

USO tour

Captain America The First Avenger USO

Although Steve Rogers successfully goes through the super-soldier procedure and becomes Captain America, the military makes the mind-boggling decision not to use him for combat, but rather as a USO propaganda figure.

It’s hard not to laugh at Cap’s silly uniform when he participates in these song-and-dance numbers where he takes out an actor who plays Adolf Hitler. It gets much worse when Cap takes the show overseas to see the actual troops fighting in the war and not so impressed with the show.

“I’m Steve Rogers.”

There are many different ways to be a himbo, and one of the reasons Steve Rogers can be considered one is that he is very serious. He often takes things a bit literally and is also very sincere, which unintentionally produces hilarious quotes from Captain America.

One of the best examples of this is when he first meets Groot and Groot says, “I am Groot.” Steve responds very attentively with “I’m Steve Rogers”, and the fact that he is so respectful is also himbo behavior.

He’s a flirt

Sam Wilson Gives His Resume To Steve And Natasha In Captain America The Winter Soldier

A himbo doesn’t necessarily have to be a flirt, but it doesn’t necessarily detract from their status. The important thing here is that the himbo should be sincere and respectful when they flirt, not abrasive or intimidating. And being kind of silly while flirting is also a big element.

Stef is a good example of this. Steve flirts with many characters to some degree, including Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, and Sharon Carter. He’s not really that smooth, but he’s always endearing.

He had good friends

Captain America and Black Widow watch.

One of the best elements of the himbo character is that they are a man who treats women well. They respect women as their equals and do not belittle them. Steve is a great example of this because he can have female friends in his life that he doesn’t try to date.

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One of the best examples of this is Natasha Romanoff, a close friend whom he never disdains. Although they share a kiss, they never really try to date, and their relationship is one of mutual trust and admiration.

His tight clothes

It goes without saying that Captain America’s costume from the Marvel comics is iconic. He’s also quite wimpy in his fashion sense, as he either wears a somewhat old-fashioned look, such as pleated pants, or wears workout clothes, including tight-fitting t-shirts.

This is another important element of the himbo in some cases. They must be strong, muscular or muscular and if they often show off their trump cards, it’s a pro in the himbo column. Steve is definitely not ashamed of the way he looks after getting the Super Soldier serum.

“Internet. So helpful.”

While Steve may not be from another planet, he is from another time. This adds to its whole cheesy and naive appeal, and it’s often seen as really cute by fans. One of the biggest examples of this is when Steve says the line “Internet, so helpful.”

He doesn’t always get the modern age, but it’s not really his fault. But another similar moment happens in the first one avengers movie when he makes the reference to the Wizard of Oz.


“Saving” the Holy Temple

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Love and Thunder

After the plague at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor: Love and Thunder continue the storyline of Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. He and the intergalactic misfits undertake various missions across the galaxy, including protecting a sacred temple from a race of aliens.

Thor quickly proves himself a powerful new member of the Guardians and takes on most of the battle alone. But through his arrogance and reckless approach, he also manages to demolish the temple while crumbling behind him as he delivers his victory speech.

“I need a horse!”

Just as Cap handles life in the 21st century, Thor has a bit of a fish-out-of-water nature to him too. After being banned from Asgard, he acts like the same arrogant god while on Earth, leading to some awkward moments.

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These moments are all the funnier because Thor doesn’t realize how stupid he looks. When he storms into a pet store and demands a horse, it’s hard to take him seriously. And when the clerk explains that they only have dogs and cats, he demands one of those big enough to drive.

Concerned that the other Avengers may wield Mjolnir

Thor in Avengers Age of Ultron

Thor is a very likeable and charismatic character and viewers, as well as other characters in the franchise, are drawn to him. One thing that makes him a himbo is his attachment to Mjolnir, Thor’s mightiest weapon of all, and his ability to wield it when others can’t.

He is negated by his ability to be a warrior and be charming at the same time. And so it’s kind of hilarious when he’s concerned that some of the other Avengers, especially Steve, might lift Mjolnir into the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

His jovial but arrogant personality

Steve Rogers Thor and Tony Stark in Avengers Age of Ultron

Thor is an interesting example of a himbo because he can be a bit arrogant at times. This is more the case in the very first Thor movie than in the other movies, but still, he still sees himself as above your average human being. However, he’s also generally quite jovial and easygoing, and his arrogance isn’t too threatening as it’s often just harmless bravado.

He’s not always the most confident character that’s part of his gay appeal. And while he sometimes talks about his own greatness, he is also happy to support and empower others around him.

He hypes up strong women

Thor, similar to Steve Rogers, also treats women well and sees them as his equals. He is very complimentary about Jane Foster and is proud of her intellect. When he meets Valkyrie, he supports her skills and expertise.

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He often pushes the women in his life as well as the men, and despite being a big, fleshy man, he doesn’t threaten women, which is important. He even gives Valkyrie the title and position of King of Asgard.

Break his coffee cup

Both Thor and Steve have himbo moments where they’re not super aware of what’s going on and act “stupid.” But they both have good reasons for that. Thor is from Asgard, so his culture and experiences are very different from anyone on Earth.

As a powerful Asgardian god, it makes sense that Thor doesn’t have great manners. This leads to some very entertaining moments, such as when Thor tries coffee for the first time and asks for more by breaking his empty cup on the floor.

The scene “A friend from work”

Perhaps one of the best himbo moments Thor has in the franchise is when he encounters Hulk in the gladiator arena in Thor: Ragnarok. Overall, Thor is at his peak in this movie as he looks good, acts a bit silly and hilarious, and respects women and his friends.

His excitement at seeing him take on Hulk is very cute, and it’s quite depressing when he realizes Hulk doesn’t recognize him and can’t turn back into Bruce Banner.

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