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Artists who like to wear Kebaya.  (Instagram/maudyayunda)

Ada Dian Sastrowardoyo invites people to wear kebaya to support kebaya as an intangible world cultural heritage from Indonesia.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Kebaya is one of the traditional clothes owned by Indonesia. There are many types of kebaya from all over the country. Kebaya is also a mandatory wear in formal events, from weddings to state events.

Recently, the kebaya has been proposed as an intangible world cultural heritage from Indonesia to UNESCO. Dian Sastrowardoyo is a top artist voicing vocal support for the proposal. Through one of his uploads, he invites the public to support the movement to support the kebaya conservation.

This movement is in the form of an invitation to take photos with a kebaya and uploaded on the website traditionkebaya.id. This movement will take place from August 9 to December 9 next. In addition to Dian Sastrowardoyo, a number of other artists also regularly wear kebaya. They managed to show a graceful and beautiful charm in their kebaya.

Not all artists openly invite the public to preserve the kebaya as Dian Sastrowardoyo did. However, expressing their pride when wearing a kebaya showed their support for cultural preservation. Additionally, many of their habits as artists are imitated by fans, including wearing a kebaya.

Here is a series of artists who love to wear kebaya that NBCNEWS.LIVE gathered from various sources.

1. Dian Sastrowardoyo

Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/therealdisastr)

In the last few days, Dian Sastrowardoyo has been diligently posting photos wearing a kebaya. She wears various models and colors of kebaya in various events she attends. This step was taken by him to invite the community to participate in preserving the nation’s culture so that it can be recognized by the world. One of the kebayas worn by the Netflix film Girl Kretek is a black kebaya with a green scarf.

2. Maudy Ayunda

Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/maudyayunda)

The beautiful artist appointed as the spokesperson for the G20 presidency, Maudy Ayunda recently uploaded her portrait in a kebaya while attending the State Palace. Maudy looked elegant in a white kebaya combined with brown batik cloth. Instead of wearing heels, Jesse Choi’s wife chose to wear sneakers. The OOTD offers a new trend that kebaya can also be an outfit with a young and trendy look.

3. Ashanti

Artists who like to wear Kebaya.  (Instagram/ashanty_ash)
Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/ashanty_ash)

While in America to accompany Arsy to the race, Ashanty proudly wore a red and white kebaya. This mother of four looks very elegant in a new flea style kebaya combined with green, white and red batik cloth. Her graceful style was exactly like that of a princess.

4. Princess Marino

Artists who like to wear Kebaya.  (Instagram/Putrimarino)
Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/Putrimarino)

Dian Sastro’s opponent in the film Girl Kretek, Putri Marino is also one of the artists who likes to wear kebaya. Unlike the previous artist who wore a brocade kebaya, Putri Marino chose to wear a cotton kebaya. The blue kebaya worn by Putri Marino is a type of kebaya that was often used in the daily life of Indonesian women before modernity entered the country.

5. Chelsea Island

Artists who like to wear Kebaya.  (Instagram/chelseaislan)
Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/chelseaislan)

Then there is Chelsea Islan looking beautiful and charming in a modern navy kebaya. Along with the times, there are many kebaya models not only limited to the new flea fashion. Chelsea Islan wore a kebaya and white batik cloth with a brown color pattern in celebration of National Batik Day.

6. Ariel Tatum

Artists who like to wear Kebaya.  (Instagram/arieltatum)
Artists who like to wear Kebaya. (Instagram/arieltatum)

The actor in the film Wings of Broken, Ariel Tatum, also expressed his pride and love for the kebaya he wears. He wore this white kebaya designed by Didiet Maulana on his birthday some time ago. The kebaya specially designed for her blends in with her to radiate her stunningly beautiful charm.

A series of artists who love to wear kebayas showed one of the proofs of their love for Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Let’s support and follow their passion to preserve the kebaya as an intangible cultural heritage so that it can be accepted by UNESCO. If you are, what is your favorite type of kebaya?

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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