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DC Comics’ latest movie has finally arrived in theaters and it’s unlike anything they’ve presented before. DC League of Super Pets follows the adventures of not Superman or Batman, but their loyal pets, Krypto and Ace, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart, respectively.

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A while back, it wouldn’t have worked aesthetically to include these animal characters in the signature DC Extended Universe. However, with the inclusion of Bud and Lou in Birds of prey and King Shark and Weasel in The Suicide Squad, there is certainly room now for characters like her. As such, these would be the animal heroes and villains to be introduced next in the DCEU.


Krypto the Super Dog

Krypto the Superdog Featured

While he’s one of the most instrumental characters in DC Comics, and in all of pop culture, Superman’s fate in the DCEU right now is frankly ambiguous. Fans desperately want the Man of Tomorrow to return and Henry Cavill to play him again. There are rumors circulating about almost every upcoming movie that it will be the one that will bring Cavill back as Superman, and if one of these turns out to be correct, he might bring Kypto the Superdog with him.

Krypto has been around in the comics since 1955, but still DC League of Super Pets marks only the third film in which he appeared. He’s still never been seen in live-action out there smallville and Titans, so he would be a nice addition to the DCEU. As Superman’s loyal and consistent ally, there are several ways to introduce him, whether he’s also the superhero or not.

detective chimpanzee

There are many strange and underrated heroes in the vast DC Comics universe. One such character is Detective Chimp. He actually first appeared as an ally to Rex the Wonder Dog, but he eventually faded into obscurity. That is until he was brought back in the 1980s, after which he made steady appearances in more and more comics, most recently as a member of Justice League Dark.

Honestly, it’s not that ridiculous to imagine compared to a super-powered alien and an eccentric billionaire who dresses up as a bat. That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if Detective Chimp shows up somewhere soon, solving crimes and working with other members of the Bureau of Amplified Animals.

Ace the bat dog

Ace the Bat-Hound wears his gear and stands next to Batman in the comics.

Kevin Hart voices Ace the Bat-Hound DC League of Super Pets, who, unlike his comic book counterpart, is a boxer who gains super strength. Ace is usually depicted as a German Shepherd, and he is actually only a few months younger than Krypto, who also debuted in 1955. He is a loyal ally to Batman and Robin, but he gradually became less and less absorbed. In fact, Ace isn’t even the only dog ​​in the Bat-Family. There’s also Titus and Bitewing, owned by Damien Wayne and Nightwing respectively, both of whom are eager to see fans in the DCEU.

Since it was just announced that Ben Affleck will return in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – already after the previous announcement of The flash – this could really open the door for Ace to arrive.

killer whale

Orca fights Nightwing in DC Comics

Part of the special greatness of The Suicide Squad is that it took some obscure characters like Ratcatcher and Bloodsport to elevate them to stardom. But there are many more underrated villains that should feature in future DCEU movies, including Orca. Part of Batman’s extensive villainy gallery, she’s not as well-known as the Joker’s classics, Mr. Freeze or Bane.

Like Poison Ivy, Grace Balin is a criminal eco-terrorist, but she was confined to a wheelchair, which prompted her to experiment with regenerating tissue, turning her into an anthropomorphic whale.

Streaky the Supercat

While it’s still unknown if and when Superman will ever return to the DCEU, fans know they’ll soon have a new Krpytonian to head to with the arrival of Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The flash. A super girl film is also in development, which could lead to the eventual release of Streaky the Supercat. Along with Krypto, Streaky was often seen in the 1960s with Comet the Super-Horse and Beppo the Super-Monkey, both of which could somehow be introduced as well.

Since the origin of her powers is quite simple – obtaining them after being exposed to a unique piece of kryptonite – Streaky’s introduction to the DCEU relies solely on Supergirl having a cat.

Salt the Aquadog

Salt the Aquadog

There’s a trend for superheroes to have dogs, and Aquaman is no different. Salty AKA Aquadog is a Golden Retriever that Aquaman and Mera rescued from the Trench and adopted as their pet. Unlike characters like Krypto or Streaky, Salty is just an ordinary dog. He can’t actually swim. He doesn’t help with Aquaman’s adventures or crime-fighting – he’s just a fun pet.

Salty could be an interesting addition, whether it’s a regular dog or a character like Krypto, so he can really live up to his Aquadog moniker. There are still plenty of great Aquaman villains and allies in the DCEU, but none quite like Salty, so maybe the public will see him in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


Atrocitus and Dex-Starr in the comics

While Streaky is a hero, there is another cat who largely operates as a villain: Dex-Starr. He was just a normal cat whose owner was brutally murdered which led to him accumulating such extreme feelings of hatred and anger that he was chosen by a red ring and so he became a member of the Red Lantern Corps. While there are other Red Lanterns that would probably be the first to join the DCEU, such as Atrocitus or Razor, Dex-Starr should not be ignored.

The ring not only gives Dex-Starr the ability to craft these dangerous contraptions and weapons, but also allows universal communication, giving him a real voice. There is currently a Green Lantern Corps movie in the works for the DCEU that could eventually bring in the Red Lanterns and thus Dex-Starr, though he might otherwise find a home in the proposed Green Lantern HBO Max show independent of the DCEU.


Teekl & Klarion the Witch Boy in DC Comics

Another evil cat from DC Comics is Teekl, although they are not quite a cat. Teekl is the acquaintance of Klarion the Witch Boy, a powerful and chaotic extradimensional wizard. As Klarion’s most loyal companion, Teekl acts as his chain to the material plane. Teekl is still capable of their own natural magic, but when enhanced by Klarion’s, they can transform into a huge and powerful werecat.

Therefore, during a battle, Teekl becomes Klarion’s muscle. While battling their enemies on a mystical front, Teekl physically attacks them. As such, they can be an exceptionally difficult pair to fight.

Gorilla Grod

Gorilla Grodd fights Flash.

peacekeeper had a fun Easter Egg reference to a prominent society in DC Comics when Peacemaker and his crew battled a large gorilla. There are several powerful and interesting gorillas, both on the heroic and mean end of the spectrum. One of the most prominent is Gorilla Grodd. He usually opposes Flash, but he has also gone up against other heroes and has been part of evil teams such as the Injustice League and Legion of Doom.

He is a hyper-intelligent gorilla with telekinetic and telepathic powers who is closely associated with Gorilla City, and although they had initially lived in solitude, Grodd influenced the city to try to take over the world. He has been seen a lot in The flashwhich could deter interested parties from bringing him to the DCEU – if so, there are also Ultra-Humanite and Titano.


Goliath in DC Comics

Fans shouldn’t really expect to see Damian Wayne in the DCEU anytime soon. However, if he ever appears, he may be joined by his giant dragon bat friend, Goliath. He and Damian bonded while Damian was training as a hit man in the League of Assassins.

Sure, Titus is better recognized as Damian’s companion, but Goliath would definitely add a distinct flavor to the DCEU. There’s really no other character like him, especially on the Bat-Family side. Goliath is definitely someone Damian and Batman would want to fight together if they ever have to battle the League of Assassins or Darkseid’s army again.

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