‘They are classless, they do this regularly, am angry and very angry’ – Angry Tony Umez calls his mobile service provider – NBCNEWS

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Veteran Nollywood Actor, Tony Umez furiously called his mobile service provider Airtel for frustrating him.

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Tony Umez went to IG to get angry and express his frustration at how the mobile service provider has wiped out his bonus and keeps changing his service plan without his permission.

According to Tony, he lost thousands of naira because of them and every time he calls customer service to complain they will apologize and cut the phone on him.

Tony expressed his disappointment, saying:

“I am angry, I am very angry at the moment, to my mobile service provider, AIRTEL, they will move me from one plan to another plan without informing me, when I make a complaint, the operator has followed me the usual apology, ‘uh I’m sorry we had to upgrade you’ upgrade me without my permission…they do this regularly, am mad and very angry…they got me back to that plan but they wiped out almost 22000 naira bonus’

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