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Earlier Illustrated Sports model Angie Everhart has recently come into the limelight after an uneasy accusation from her neighbor.

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According to Everhart’s neighbor Christina Savar, the model pelted her house after complaining to her about her barking dogs.

But Everhart, 52, is now telling the… Daily mail that Savar’s claims are all a lie.

“These ladies are angry, rude and very aggressive, the whole building including myself believes they have pelted their own door,” she told the publication.

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Former fashion ‘It girl’ has denied pelting her neighbors’ house and yelling at their children. (Getty)

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She added that she was “not the first neighbor to complain about” [Savar and partner’s] dogs that bark from morning to night.”

Everhart rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s as a B actor and “It girl” magazine. She is famously married Beach at sunset actor Ashley Hamilton for a short time from 1996 to 1997.

Although Everhart was best known for appearing on the front cover of a number of major magazines including Sports Illustrated, Glamor and Elle.

Everhart claims that the police did visit their building, but came to their own conclusions fairly quickly.

“They never even questioned me because the police had been called twice before with complaints about these crazy ladies. This is their kind of behavior, not mine,” the model said.

The altercation has spiraled out of control after Savar’s claims to… TMZ that Angie forced her home after an argument and even yelled at her children.

Angie Everhart, American actress and former Sports Illustrated model.
Everhart rose to fame in the early 2000s after appearing in a number of films and on the cover of numerous magazines, including Sports Illustrated, Glamor and Elle. (Instagram / @angieeverhart1)

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Savar told the publication this week that Everhart yelled at her kids about their rowdy dogs. According to Savar, when she confronted Angie about this in the hallway, it became “an argument.”

TMZ says Everhart began to take up their argument, claiming that Savar “threatened her.”

An Everhart representative said: TMZ:

“She clearly had nothing to do with this, which is why the police didn’t even file a report. Angie would never do anything to set a bad example for her son.

“This woman has been given an eviction notice from the building today because she has had consistent problems with many of the neighbors.”

Although Savar told TMZ she left the building because she no longer felt safe.

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