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The following Ghost Halloween movie reveals three ghostly designs of the possessed animatronic monsters that will haunt an unlucky group of kids. Back to the future star Christopher Lloyd will headline debut director David Poag’s seasonal project as the cursed ghost of a wealthy land developer, Alec Windsor, who disappeared long ago. He now haunts the townsfolk every Halloween and will reportedly take up residence at a local Spirit Halloween store to torment a group of young children staying there overnight on a challenge.

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In the family horror film, Windsor brings the store’s iconic animatronics to life to terrorize the kids. The Ghost Halloween Movie Instagram page has unveiled three of the movie’s monster designs to get fans excited before the official trailer premieres this weekend. In a series of gradually revealing images, the three animatronics Buzzsaw, Mr. to be Dark and Nightcrawler. Digital Artist Mark Spears drew all three concept arts for the film. Check out the designs below:


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Astute fans have already seen footage of Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook in character, but were waiting for something substantial to see if the Ghost Halloween movie is a gimmick or a legitimate competitor to similar family-friendly horror movies such as: Goosebumps. If the animatronic monsters in the movie stay true to Spears’ artwork, then Ghost Halloween could be one of the more terrifying holiday season options for a younger crowd. The Strike Back Studios movie is already in post-production, so fans will be able to see Buzzsaw and his horrific cohorts in action in October.

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