Son of Siregar, accused of fraud and child abandonment, exposes the facts – NBCNEWS

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Facts About Putra Siregar Stumbled On Cases Of Persecution (Instagram/putrasiregarr17)

Putra Siregar believes that defamation has its own punishment.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Putra Siregar flatly denied the accusation that he neglected his first wife to marry Septia Yetri Opani alias Septia Siregar.

“(Putra Siregar) just istighfar, how bad are such people,” said Putra Siregar’s lawyer Nur Wafiq, mimicking his client’s reaction at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday (28/7/2022).

Twitter account ddggmmbbkk also said that Putra Siregar neglected the children of his first wife. On this, Nur Wafiq assured that most of them were lies.

Putra Siregar (Instagram/putrasiregarr17)

“So, we make sure that most of them are not true, lies are much easier to accept in our society today, I don’t know why,” said Nur Wafiq.

He also regretted that people believed the news easily. However, his party did not explain in detail which parts are scams.

“But we can’t just clarify things like that, we leave it to God,” he said.

Facts About Putra Siregar Stumbled On Cases Of Persecution (Instagram/putrasiregarr17)

Putra Siregar himself was actually reluctant to make a fuss about it because he believed that a slander had its own punishment. He just wants to focus on his current legal case.

“Anyone who has bad intentions to expose this slander will be responsible for himself in the afterlife,” said Nur Wafiq.

“Because of his (Putra Siregar’s) mission, this world is only temporary, the hereafter is forever,” he continued.

For your information, Putra Siregar is said to have abandoned the children of his first wife, Indri Prastika. The news even said that Septia Yetri Putra Siregar had taken Siregar away from his first wife, who is now dead.


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