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Former Rebel Bikie Chris Michael Rymer Released On Bail Over Alleged Road Attack

Let’s Check Out “Who’s Chris Rymer: Rebels Gang Biker Shot In Bligh Park?” Chris Rymer decided to go to Hawkesbury Hospital alone, despite a gunshot wound to his leg. His penis had previously been permanently injured from gunshot wounds.

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Two vehicles have been seized in connection with an ongoing investigation, according to the NSW police. While the police continue the investigation, it is still unclear exactly why the shooting took place.

The Biker has participated in protests all his life while riding a motorcycle with a gang.

Who is Chris Rymer? Rebel gang biker shot in Bligh Park

Chris Rymer, an ex-rebel gang, was reportedly shot in the leg around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday outside his home on Bounty Crescent in Bligh Park, Sydney’s northwest.

Although injured, he managed to drive himself to the hospital and undergo treatment. Police also believe it is a violent group and an attempted murder.

The former Sydney cyclist was another shooting victim who suffered permanent damage to his penis from a bullet a year ago.

Police questioned Mr Rymer on Tuesday after his car was stopped for forensic examination. A crime scene was then made outside Bounty Crescent, Bligh Park building.

What happened to Chris Rymer?

Officers also set up another crime scene on Bonner Road when a burned-out car was found.

It is currently known to be a bright red/orange Ford Mustang, which has also been seized for forensic analysis, a spokesman for the NSW Police Department said.

Raptor Squad Police are calling on anyone who was near Agnes Banks between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday to come forward, the spokesperson said. “Raptor Squad detectives are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding how the man was shot.”

He was the victim of two shootings in less than eighteen months.

Chris Rymer wife and family

Chris Rymer is in a serious relationship with his partner. The couple celebrated their pregnancy after being released from prison in 2018 after four months.

The Biker avoids revealing her identity and personal details for her safety, as he is prone to life-threatening assaults and has been shot twice in the past 18 months.

Former rebel biker Chris Michael Rymer is released on bail for an alleged attack on the road (Source: Daily mail )

After he was released from prison, a Revels Bikies member posted countless joyful photos on Instagram. In court, Rymer celebrated his acquittal alongside a photo of gang members.

Chris Rymer was acquitted of the kidnapping and torture of a gang boss in 2014. He was released in time for Christmas and has already announced his pregnancy.

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