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After three long years since its July 2019 renewal, we’re finally watching Season 2 of the wonderfully weird comedy series Los Espookys. The bizarre yet charming, mostly Spanish-language series was a hit with fans, but due to a pandemic-induced delay, it didn’t finish filming until February. Now the first images for the new season, exclusively from Weekly entertainment, promise a series of “more fantastic, more mysterious and more Espookier” episodes. Season 2 returns to HBO on September 16 with six new episodes.

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Los Espookys follows friends Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), Andrew (julio Torres), Tati (Ana Fabrega), and rsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti) as they bring together their love of all things macabre and fantastic to form the Los Espookys company. Through their new venture, they offer their clients a host of horror themed services from fake exorcisms to alien abductions and everything in between to trick people into believing the events are real. Divided between Los Angeles and Latin America, the friends bring wacky horror to customers in a setting where the uncanny is mundane.


The trailer maintains the wonderfully weird tone of the show with the Espookys involved and involved in more “supernatural” shenanigans. This time it’s Los Espookys leader Renaldo who experiences the creepy side of things as he is haunted by the ghost of a beauty pageant queen who seems to follow him wherever he goes. That’s not the only thing that disappoints when Los Espookys conjures up bizarre fantasies, dons weird (or, in Andrés’s case, shiny) outfits, and sets up elaborate schemes to give people more real-life ghosts. Andrés, however, is the master of the bizarre in the teaser, summoning a horse with a small, plastic instrument, appearing as a brutal cowboy in a fantasy, and generally wearing the flashiest threads of anyone.

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In Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive preview of the series, series creators Torres, Fabrega and Fred Armisen teased some plot details for the upcoming second season. Of Renaldo, Torres said, “He is haunted by some kind of presence, and he feels compelled to help this mysterious stranger throughout the season and uncover some kind of mystery.” As for the rest of the gang, Andrés is forced to find a real job outside of Los Espookys, which leads him to become a stair model, which explains the small kick on his head in the trailer. Tati starts writing after her marriage to Juan Carlos (Jose Pablo Minor), Crsula survives her meeting at the Mira Esto studio and tries to elect a new president, and Renaldo’s uncle Tico (Armisen) spends more time with Los Espookys after his servant business goes downhill.

In addition to the main cast, Los Espookys Season 2 will also feature the return of fan favorites including: Spike Binding, Greta Titelman, River L. Ramirez, Sam Taggart, Giannina Fruttero, Carmen Gloria Breskyand Eudora Peterson. Martine Gutierrez joins this season as returning cast member with Oscar nominee Yalitza Aparicio, Isabella Rossellinicand Kim Petras appear as guests for the first time.

Los Espookys Season 2 will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on September 16. Watch the trailer below.

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