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South African rapper Nadia Nakai announced that she is officially a homeowner and bought her own home via a tweet on Sunday, July 24th.

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The rapper also used her Instagram account to celebrate buying her first home. Nadia seems to have everything going for her as she always flaunts her romantic relationship with AKA.

Now she has found herself the talk of the town again after buying her first home. Props to her!

“Picked up my keys to my new house! I am officially a home owner!! ❤️🙏🏾 Praise God,” she tweeted.

Since going public with her relationship with AKA, Nadia Nakai has been running the social media streets. If it is not her news, she is associated with it by her boyfriend or his ex-girlfriends.

Nevertheless, the comments section of the post was flooded with congratulatory messages from celebrities and fans for the artiste’s achievement.

Nadia Nakai is praised by fans for buying such a huge asset in her name. We must say, this is a great achievement. Your girl is secured!

Although there is no information yet on the location of her home, Nakai deserves to win. Considering how hard she worked. The media personality is well-known for her love of flashy things and the house has to be something that is top notch and suits a person like her.

The sensation has been discussed on several occasions and it shows how hard she has worked in the music industry. She recently dropped a single “Not The Same” with Lucasraps and it has been making headlines since its release.

Her relationship with AKA has also been the main topic of her life recently. The couple received mixed sentiments towards their relationship, both criticism and praise.

Podcast And Chill host MacG also shared his take on AKA and Nadia’s relationship.

The controversial Podcaster mentioned that the two are not suitable for each other due to the lack of chemistry in their relationship.

“To me it’s weird man, it makes no sense bro, to me it looks like one of those public stunts because when I watch them, there’s no chemistry, bro,” he said.

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